Saudi-Emirati Competition Lays Bare State-Led Pursuit of Economic Interests
Robert Mogielnicki
Jul 19, 2021
Blog Post
The Saudi-UAE Race for Hydrogen: A Play for the Renewables Narrative, Not Profits
Marcus Chenevix Jul 14, 2021
Why are Saudi and Emirati policymakers committing billions of dollars to developing production capacity for a fuel for which there is almost no existing commercial demand?
Blog Post
The UAE and Saudi Arabia: The Partnership Endures Despite Oil Dispute
Hussein Ibish Jul 8, 2021
Long-standing but underappreciated differences between the UAE and Saudi Arabia are becoming more obvious, but their continuing shared interests remain decisive.
Blog Post
Saudi-Emirati Rift Over Oil Policy Scuttles OPEC+ Deal
Kate Dourian Jul 7, 2021
An OPEC+ deal, which was close to being within reach, collapsed over a dispute between the two Gulf allies, jeopardizing the interests of all constituents and leaving consumers at the mercy of market volatility.
Blog Post
Iraq Steps Up Solar Energy Plans With 2 GW Award to the UAE
Kate Dourian Jun 28, 2021
Iraq’s deal with Masdar offers hope for Baghdad’s renewable energy agenda and for alleviating electricity shortages that have long plagued the country.
Blog Post
Low-Carbon Energy in Iran
Robin Mills Jun 24, 2021
Iran’s renewable energy potential is sizeable and underdeveloped, and it provides an opportunity for more fruitful international cooperation.
Blog Post
OPEC+ Holds Course on Output as IEA Calls Time Out on Oil
Kate Dourian Jun 9, 2021
OPEC and its Russian-led allies stick to their planned oil production strategy, issuing words of caution regarding the strength of the demand recovery.
Blog Post
Qatar and Gaza’s Electricity: Mediation, Aid, and Expertise 
Sima Aldardari May 26, 2021
As the largest liquefied natural gas exporter in the world and one of the few countries able to work and negotiate with various parties in Israel and Gaza, Qatar is uniquely positioned to work within Gaza’s energy sector.
Blog Post
OPEC and the IEA Expect Strong Oil Demand Recovery Despite Faltering India
Kate Dourian May 20, 2021
Oil prices shrugged off concerns over India, topping $70 per barrel for benchmark Brent crude in response to improved market fundamentals and drawdowns in global oil inventories.
Blog Post
Qatar Petroleum Comes of Age as it Assumes Sole LNG Ownership
Kate Dourian Apr 23, 2021
After more than 25 years of working alongside international oil company giants, Qatar Petroleum has the technical capability and expertise to manage its own gas business. But it is unlikely to end all its partnerships.
Apr 15, 2021
Japan’s Oil Diplomacy in the Gulf: Old Idea, New Approaches
Japan’s need for energy security has long driven relations with the Gulf states, but, under the banner of economic diplomacy, Gulf-Japan ties are diversifying.
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