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About the Exhibit
This online exhibit is presented in conjunction with the permanent installations of these work throughout Harlan Hatcher Granduate Library.We would like to thank everyone whose expertise and assistance made this exhibit possible.
The image above shows "Sanborn Maps" and "Dr. Stephen Smith’s ‘Circle of Life’/’Tree of Life’ abstract visualization v.2" in their current location in Hatcher's gallery space.
Thank you for the funding support provided by Thirs Century Deans' funds, Student Life, Communications and Marketing, Diversity and Orginizational Learning, and Human Resources.
Thank you to the following departments - because without them, none of this would have been possible - Operations Outreach department, Facilities department, and our Peer Information Counselors. 
We would also like to thank the librarians and staff for providing their knowledge and expertise. Thank you to Jamie Lausch Vander Breok, Justin Joque, Scott Martin, Liangyu Ru, Evyn Kropf, Alexandra Rivera, Steve Griffes, Phillip Hann, Tashia Munson, Alan Pinõn, and Marisa Conte.
Finally, we wish to thank Doug Jones for his expertise and passion for bringing thecommunity together through art as well as Emily Puckett Rodgers for her facilitation between groups to make this online exhibit possible. 
Rights Statement
The University of Michigan Library has placed copies of these works online for educational and research purposes. These works are believed to be in the public domain in the United States; however, if you decide to use any of these works, you are responsible for making your own legal assessment and securing any necessary permission. If you have questions about this exhibit, please contact Emily at epuckett@umich.edu. If you have concerns about the inclusion of an item in this exhibit, please contact ask-omeka@umich.edu​.
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Vertical Waves: Early 20th century pochoir wallpaper samples
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