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You are here: HomeEnglish NewsSOMALIA: Somalia finally pledges support to Suadi-led coalition in Yemen – Raxanreeb Online
SOMALIA: Somalia finally pledges support to Suadi-led coalition in Yemen – Raxanreeb Online
English News07/04/2015 0

Posted on April 7, 2015 Somali News
RBC —- Somalia’s Federal Government has first time pledged support and disclosed its role in the ongoing Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, Raxanreeb Online Reports.
The current Somali western-backed Federal Government’s foreign minister speaking to BBC Somali Services disclosed that Somalia has pledged support to the Saudi coalition against Huthis waging stiff onslaught on Yemen’s legitimate government led by President Mansuur Haadi.
Abdisalan Omar Hadliye, Somali Foreign minister, had announced that his government has allowed the Saudi-coalition to use Somalia air, land and sea to wage onshore and offshore attacks on Huthis in Yemen.
He stated that the coalition has requested Somalia to allow them land, sea and air spaces and Somalia Federal Government has allowed them to use.
Commenting on to why they allowed, the Minister stated that Somalia’s is a member of Arab League and also Yemeni Government has helped Somali people during the civil war.
” We are country which is member of Arab league and who have taken the policy of those people, furthermore, Yemen is like our country and  have been helping us very long, many of our people are also there,” Said Hadliye.
Somali people approximately numbering to a quarter million lives in Yemen and many Somalis are afraid may face backlash from the huthis since Somalia is part of Saudi-led coalition against the huthis
Raxanreeb Online
Mogadishu Office
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