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Frequently Asked Questions
What payment methods are available?
Donations to archiveis can be paid using: a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), a Euro bank account (SEPA Direct Debit), or a PayPal account.
How do recurrent donations work?
On Liberapay, donations are funded in advance. You have control over when and how much you pay. Sending more money at once usually results in a lower percentage of transaction fees.
We will notify you whenever a donation needs to be renewed. If you've opted for automatic renewals, then we will attempt to debit your card or bank account as agreed.
Can I make a one-time donation?
One-time donations aren't properly supported yet, but you can discontinue your donation immediately after the first payment.
What is this website? I don't recognize it.
You're on Liberapay, a donation platform maintained by a non-profit organisation based in France.
Is this platform secure?
Liberapay has been running for 5 years without any significant security incident. We do everything we can to keep your data safe and comply with the laws of the European Union (GDPR, PSD2, et cetera).
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