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Monica Matthews - Life, Love and Liberty
A dose of Life, Love and Liberty with host Monica Matthews. Ridiculously honest conversations about culture, relationships & the human condition. Navigating the BS of life with daily reminders of how to be stronger, better and more alive & thriving! Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.
Margaritaville Podcast
Jimmy Buffett's Production Coordinator, Heikki Larsen, sits down with guests to talk working, playing and escaping thanks to their Margaritaville state of mind.
The WAR RAW Podcast hosted by Wayne Allyn Root
Wayne Allyn Root (aka WAR) is one of the most fiery, dynamic, charismatic, controversial, in-your-face, conservative radio and television personalities in America. The media has dubbed him the “conservative warrior” and “capitalist evangelist.” Here on his “WAR RAW” podcast,  Wayne rants about the TOP TEN wildest, most outrageous, salacious & controversial news & political stories of the week!
The Hartmann Report
The Hartmann Report is an independent daily podcast hosted by award winning, author, radio & TV host Thom Hartmann. Thom’s podcast highlights the bigger picture behind politics, science and culture through discussion and debate. Catch Thom’s live show Monday through Friday noon ET / 9am PT- www.thomhartmann.com.

The Bubba Army Podcast
The Bubba Army Podcast - Bubba and the crew come to the mic every day to talk celebrities, music, sports, racing, and more in a way ONLY Bubba can! Subscribe to the podcast today and share with you friends!
Bleav in Syracuse Football
Hosts Mike McAllister of Sports Illustrated and former SU football star Shamarko Thomas break down the Orange every week.
On the Middle East with Andrew Parasiliti and Amberin Zaman, an Al-Monitor Podcast
Each week Andrew Parasiliti, president of the award-winning news site Al-Monitor, and Amberin Zaman, Al-Monitor’s Senior Correspondent, interview newsmakers, journalists and thought leaders from the US and Middle East about the latest news and trends in the region.
Andrew has been writing about, and traveling in, the Middle East for over three decades, meeting and interviewing the region’s top political and civil society leaders. Since obtaining his PH.D from Johns Hopkins University, he has held appointments at Harvard University, the RAND Corporation, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and as foreign policy adviser to US Senator Chuck Hagel. Andrew writes Al-Monitor’s must read Takeaway and Week in Review columns, and is an adjunct political scientist at RAND and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Amberin travels the region for Al-Monitor, specializing in breaking news and analysis in Turkey, Iraq and Syria and writes the daily Briefly Turkey newsletter. Prior to Al-Monitor, she covered Turkey, the Kurds and conflicts in the region for The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, The Los Angeles Times and the Voice of America, and was The Economist's Turkey correspondent between 1999 and 2016.
The Tea With Dr. V
#1 Los Angeles Times best-selling author, nine-season reality series veteran, and fierce, irreverent shrink Dr. Venus Nicolino (AKA Dr. V) is brewing juicy celebrity interviews steeped in sugar, spice and everything life. Dr. V leaves stars poring out the good, the bad, and the funny in truth sessions that are so exclusive, you won't believe you got a seat at the table. But don't think the guests are doing all the talking-- Dr. V is dishing out shockingly sharp advice as bold as the stars themselves. Discover the things you never knew about the people you do. There's a cup of hot truth waiting for you, on The Tea with Dr. V. A weekly podcast available every Wednesday morning.
At Home With The Creative Coalition
At Home With the Creative Coalition brings you intimate portraits, key moments of discovery, and “art and soul” with exciting and thought-provoking interviews with iconic personalities from the entertainment industry, from the boardroom to the big screen, from LA to DC.
Hosted by Robin Bronk, CEO of The Creative Coalition -- the leading, national, nonprofit, nonpartisan social welfare organization of the arts and entertainment industry. With an impressive list of accomplishments to her credit, including having won numerous awards and honors for her public affairs work, Ms. Bronk has a wide range of experience including Capitol Hill strategist, author, and speaker. She has been featured in such publications as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. She has also been a guest on numerous broadcasts and hosts a weekly segment on WBAI-FM.
The Ledger Report - Constitutional Political Talk
EMMY winner Graham Ledger hosts The Ledger Report - Constitutionally conservative analysts of the political news of the day
I Love Funny Women!
The I Love Funny Women! podcast is all about Funny Women...duh. Now, more than ever, humor and laughter is important. This podcast is an ultra inclusive, relevant, and funny show about the everyday occurrences in these herlarious women’s lives. Laugh along with comedian, producer and comedy coach, Dina Nina. She’ll be introducing you to some fantastic and amazingly funny women with their personal stories, perspectives and jokes. Some are stand up comedians and some are just funny AF. Take a break and enjoy some side aching laughter and some deep conversations around our lives every week. We love to make you laugh and we love funny women.
On Israel with Ben Caspit, an Al-Monitor podcast
Ben Caspit, an Israel correspondent for Al-Monitor, brings you weekly interviews with newsmakers and officials to discuss the latest news in Israel. Ben is no stranger to broadcast, hosting a daily radio show from Tel Aviv and frequently appearing on television and radio programs. Caspit is one of Israel’s most in-demand journalists and his columns – deeply sourced and vividly written -- are must reads for his take on the latest political developments. His most recent book is The Netanyahu Years, chronicling his reporting on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) ever since he came to power in 1997.
Just Ask the Question Podcast
Just Ask the Question is a unique and provocative look at the news in today’s headlines. Playboy White House correspondent and CNN political analyst Brian Karem hosts a conversation with newsmakers across the spectrum, asking the hardest questions and engaging them in deep conversation about issues that matter to all of us. Just Ask the Question is an unedited conversation with those in the public eye who influence life in the United States. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard.
On The Edge with The Creative Coalition
On The Edge with The Creative Coalition spotlights stories of opportunity, discovery, and courage and is hosted by The Creative Coalition CEO Robin Bronk. The program features incredible individuals whose unique stories will enlighten and inspire listeners.
Marilyn: Behind the Icon
Marilyn: Behind the Icon is a dramatic multi-season podcast series blending a uniquely scripted episodic story with commentary on the remarkable life of Marilyn Monroe. It’s up close, raw and real; telling her story through extensively researched historical events, including Marilyn Monroe’s own perspective in her own words. We explore her inner journey and human side as no other podcast, film or TV show has ever done before. The series portrays her personal struggles with mental illness and addiction in addition to her amazing resiliency in achieving her dreams as one the greatest movie actresses and icons in motion picture history. We begin our story with her life as a young girl named Norma Jeane—a girl desperate for a stable family and home life — a girl seeking to find her place—a girl nobody wanted—who grew up in the care of foster families and caretakers. As a young teen searching for her identity, she became determined to make something of herself and created a life born out of her dreams, imagination, and talent. Marilyn became a top cover girl model, a young starlet, a celebrated actress, an accomplished singer and dancer, a wife, aspiring mother, a producer, and ultimately, a legend—an enduring ICON. 
We’ll highlight the tragedy and pain yet celebrate the triumphs of the life, legend, and the global phenomenon known as MARILYN.
We Interrupt This Broadcast
From six-time New York Times bestselling author Joe Garner, and based on his groundbreaking multimedia book, “We Interrupt This Broadcast,” comes a 12-episode, audio docu-series hosted by broadcast legend Bill Kurtis, and narrated by NBC’s Brian Williams. Each episode unfolds with the brisk pace and tone of a thriller while presenting an in-depth look into the reporting of, and reaction to, the extraordinary events that became the benchmarks of the American story. It is said that “breaking news” is the first draft of history. “We Interrupt This Broadcast” marks the first time the stories of these historical broadcast news events are told exclusively by the broadcasters and TV journalists whose work created those drafts in real-time.
Hosted by Bill Kurtis & Narrated by Brian Williams
Created, produced and directed by Joe Garner
Written by Mark Rowland, Brian Williams, Colin Madine, and Joe Garner
Sound engineering and design by Paul Bahr, Peachtree Sound
Additional audio engineering provided by Beowulf Rochlen, Two Squared Media Productions
Website and graphics designed by George Vasilopoulos, 921 Associates
Executive Producers are Brian Williams, Ron Hartenbaum, Scott Calka, and Joe Garner
A very special thank you to Donna LaPietra and Diane Anello
A Production of i4 Media Ventures, LLC

Killer's Vault
Hosted by Elisabeth Rohm. Narrated by Eric Roberts. A podcast featuring more than 10,000 never-before-seen intimate personal letters and journal entries, hundreds of hours of private phone recordings and excerpts from unpublished autobiographies written by America's most notorious serial killers. In Season One of Killer’s Vault, Law & Order star Elisabeth Rohm and Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts, take us inside the minds of the most brutal serial killers the world has ever known. Gerard Schaefer, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, David Alan Gore, and Toolbox Killers Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris reveal their disturbing childhood memories, the thrill of taking lives, and their desire to kill again. Through their insightful letters, journal entries and phone recordings, these serial killers share their deepest and darkest secrets, fears, compulsions, while also revealing facts and clues about their gruesome and beyond macabre murders and crimes. Examining this archived and carefully curated collection for the first time, Elisabeth will speak with experts in forensics, psychology, criminology as well as the original investigators that will shed new light on the cases and into the twisted minds of these remorseless killers.
American Resolution
Through the filter of the events that are re-shaping America before our eyes, David Jolly and guests examine how and why today's political system is failing us and discuss their ideas for how we can, and must, do better.
The Green Living Guy®, Seth Leitman
Seth Leitman aka The Green Living Guy is a “clean energy guru and electric car expert” who goes into Sustainability to help everyone turn Green more black!
The Science Revolution with Thom Hartmann
The Science Revolution is about science that matters and brings revolutionary ways of thinking about science. We cover the science important to the world as well as to our everyday lives. You will learn how an entire spectrum of scientific disciplines meaningfully impacts your life and our world. From climate change to neuroscience to physics and medicine - and sometimes the politics & religion that tie them to us all - this podcast will entertain and deeply inform you. Science comes alive in The Science Revolution with Thom Hartmann.
The Politics Podcast with Richard Painter
Richard Painter on the latest political and White House whirlwinds in the news from his experiences inside and outside of the DC establishment.
The Night Archer by Michael Oren: The Mind Behind the Story
Author Michael Oren takes listeners on a behind-the-mind tour of his exciting new collection of short stories, The Night Archer.
Hear the inspirations, experiences, and adventures that sparked these stories. Mystery, murder, history, faith, and love – each of the more than fifty stories in this extraordinary collection is completely different. And now you can learn why. 
World's Greatest Motivators
Successful People are Motivated People! If you believe in the Power of Positivity and the Can-Do Spirit, then apply the inspiration of each of the World’s Greatest Motivator's message and receive more health, more money and more success in your life NOW!  
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