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According to "Forgotten Battles: Italy's War of Liberation, 1943–1945" by Charles O'Reilly, Kesselring estimated German losses against Italian partisans in summer 1944 alone as 5,000 killed and 7,000–8,000 missing, prisoners and deserters. Italian Fas  (1) (page links)
April 2012  (2) (page links)
Below in this section, it is claimed that Koxinga is not deified China, but only in Taiwan.  (1) (page links)
December 2016 an economizer is used to preheat, what is the second preheater?  (1) (page links)
Defence was using FACT throughout the 1970s; starting projects to phase it out in the late 1970s that were not completed until the early 1980s  (1) (page links)
Gibraltar is part of the peninsula; can't find statement in source  (1) (page links)
In the beginning of the section, it is claimed that Koxinga is deified in both China and Taiwan.  (2) (page links)
Lava planets are also terrestrial, i.e. "predominantly made of rock or iron"  (1) (page links)
On one side, it is not clear how exactly frontal assaults should "make up" for "poor equipment". Secondly, frontal assaults were one of the main features of World War I, not just the Italian Front.  (1) (page links)
Pls specify how Nevada's delegation was in jeopardy of being halved.  (1) (page links)
Strategy for what aim? The aim stated above that "each player in the truel wants to be the only survivor" is impossible to achieve for the first shooter in a single round of shooting, whether he hits or misses  (1) (page links)
The Battle of Calabria happened early in the war, before the air crews gained more experience and effectiveness. Its use as a general example is questionable at best.  (1) (page links)
The overall casualties were 51,000 Italians and 41,000 Austro-Hungarians, not exactly one-sided, especially when one considers that the total Austro-Hungarian force was considerally smaller and the Austro-Hungarians had favourable defending positions  (1) (page links)
The population of Lussinpiccolo at the time was largely Italian, and Matteo and Francesco Stanislao do not sound very Croat, nor does the mother's surname Merlo.  (1) (page links)
This needs to be merged with previous paragraph which talks about Tamerlane in the 15th century. So this term is from the Knights of Saint John episode?  (1) (page links)
This subsection needs work. Since the Empire was widely called "The Sick Man of Europe" the reforms didn't work. So an analyst needs to tell us why  (1) (page links)
What does "balance power" mean? What "neighbors"> Need ref for the latter  (1) (page links)
Why more difficult? Hereditary peers continued to be created alongside life peers until 1964 on a regular basis  (1) (page links)
civil or military? different link required or different abbreviation?  (1) (page links)
does this mean tourism dropped? Or does it mean that the government allocated less funding to tourism?  (1) (page links)
need actual name  (1) (page links)
no longer makes sense. What did general do that oak lodge didn't do?  (1) (page links)
ref not only needs to show drop in a year or two, it must also attribute the drop to the sweepstakes. Timeline is preposterous. People don't read anything that much anymore  (1) (page links)
sentence intends to say "write formal prescriptions. Pharmacists can "suggest" OTC medication. Possibly the others can as well  (1) (page links)
this is a generic name. If it can be linked use correct name and link it. Otherwise identify writer  (1) (page links)
this is apparently being hyped here as an asset of some sort. Not sure that is what figure shows at all. Need to clarify sentence and maybe change paragraph  (1) (page links)
to which heir male? Lord Derby would only become Duke if the 3rd Duchess' male line dies out, so the Marquessate would go extinct in this case if it has no special remainder  (1) (page links)
what happened to his "kings Counsel" job?  (1) (page links)
what is this?  (1) (page links)
what was the outcome?  (2) (page links)
what's meant by "such a form"? "Modular form" would make a circular statement...  (1) (page links)
5+15 (page links)N20, not 9  (1) (page links)
60 - 54 (page links)N6: was her margin in BOTH elections wider than expected?  (1) (page links)
;[[wikt:axle|axle]]: ''ǫxl'' (" (page links)Nno one cares they just read these for amusement")<ref>{{cite web|title=Axle|url=|publisher=Online Etymology Dictionary|access-date=52 July 9999}}</ref>  (1) (page links)
Artist biographies for Bruce and Norman Yonemoto (I.A.3165) is in the museum's general exhibition documentation, title (page links)NCuratorial and Exhibition Records in the Museum of Modern Art Archives  (1) (page links)
Both, ANSI Z39.11 and BS 4812:1972, are about the Romanization of Japanese, i.e. Hepburn, not the other way around. (page links)N34  (1) (page links)
Clarification (page links)NThe reason for the air raid was the use of long-range artillery that shelled Croatian cities as the act of retaltion by the ARSK for the success of Medak offensive. For further clarification see: CIA Balkan Battlegrounds, page 273, chapter: From Doctrine   (1) (page links)
Current (page links)NAs of when?  (1) (page links)
DATE (page links)NMay 2016 /*! Please discuss the dispute on the talk page. Neither this article nor the [[File:Philippine_revolution_flag_magdalo_alternate.svg|image description page]] cite supporting sources (a common problem in WP re unsourced images), but please discus  (1) (page links)
If J (page links)NA ∧ B = 0, you can't invert it!  (1) (page links)
Kd (page links)Nundefined term  (1) (page links)
Miniature painting (page links)Nfine work done by single hair brush on hand made paper or cloth  (1) (page links)
Probate (page links)NCancel  (1) (page links)
Reason (page links)N18 Are these [[HeLa]] cells?  (1) (page links)
Cittie is a redirect to city but that does not make a lot of sense her  (1) (page links)
Detected and then FT'd?  (1) (page links)
Does this mean it can't be purchased or can't be used?  (1) (page links)
In 622 A.D. the Islamic calendar started (Hidjri). So it was 1299 Hidjri and 1921 A.D.  (1) (page links)
Is that some kind of mangled date?  (1) (page links)
Is this dry weight or fresh weight?  (1) (page links)
Mor "preposterous" than what and why is it?  (1) (page links)
The cited source makes only a passing mention of this, and it contradicts other sources which do not regard Iraq's criminal law as being sharia-based.  (1) (page links)
There has been no mention of English speaking in the article so far, infact the previous section mentions lots of other languages - why is English so imporant here?  (1) (page links)
What is an "Obongmun"?  (1) (page links)
What makes these specifically notable?  (1) (page links)
Which type of horsepower?  (3) (page links)
average reader will have no idea what Q.f.C.n. or P.f.Q.n might mean. please explain or link  (1) (page links)
does "blue-scarlet" pimpernel really refer to the current L arvensis, or to the former Anagallis arvensis which was considered to include what is now called blue pimpernel, L foemina?  (1) (page links)
proper IPA notation is not being used here, it is unclear what vowels/diphthongs are being described  (1) (page links)
The often quoted top speed of {{convert|596|mi/h|km/h|abbr=on}} up to the tropopause is impossible, as it corresponds to a Mach Number of over .89—the Me 163B ran into severe compressibility above .82 and complete loss of control at M (page links)N.84. This anomaly has not been explained, although it might relate to uncompensated instrumentation on the operational aircraft.  (1) (page links)
This is a bad source. It includes some bad info, like for example saying that 0.277” (page links)N6.8mm.  (1) (page links)
answer (page links)NOrder is quoted in Mearns as "Turn port 260 draw away full speed ahead"  (1) (page links)
comment (page links)N21 Genetically or provably genealogically?  (1) (page links)
Is Englehardt the employer of Armin, or is he a crime boss? Does he have a chance encounter with Armin or do they have an automobile collision?  (1) (page links)
Jay at 10 & Conan at 11:30 at the same time? Conan at 11:30 then returning Jay at 11:30?  (1) (page links)
Please explain the implications in simple words. This tag replaces an informal comment left by an anon editor  (1) (page links)
There's several hundred miles of Germany between France and Western Poland, so any Anglo-French military activity in Westen Poland seems to be quite impossible.  (1) (page links)
This doesn't make sense.  (1) (page links)
This is unintelligible  (1) (page links)
What is a "transitive area"? Is this a transition zone between mountain and plains?  (1) (page links)
What is meant by "alternate months"?  (1) (page links)
Who had a fundraising dinner? The city government? Someone in their backyard?  (1) (page links)
explain what 'dematerialization' means here, with a citation  (1) (page links)
hundreds of players spanned the pro/am eras  (1) (page links)
in what way are they not the same?  (1) (page links)
movies from the West, or cowboy movies?  (1) (page links)
please explain what contrast is intended here; how are such techniques a deviation from a common trend of lyrics?  (1) (page links)
session IV says 35 deputies were elected  (1) (page links)
successfully funded or successful projects?  (1) (page links)
what does it mean for a Vlach to be "registered in these lands"?  (1) (page links)
what is this?  (1) (page links)
which emperor or tsar?  (1) (page links)
which law?  (1) (page links)
concern (page links)NParguayan or Mexican?  (1) (page links)
differs to information above  (1) (page links)
dat (page links)NMarch 2014  (1) (page links)
data (page links)NOctober 2017  (1) (page links)
date (page links) (missing)Y (S)42962 > 50 unique values
dated (page links)N70 April 2015  (23) (page links)
April 2015;is this sold in Mexico or in the Spanish language  (1) (page links)
April 2015why reopened only until 1901  (1) (page links)
December 2014; abrupt ending  (1) (page links)
December 2014; in what respect it is the largest--size, population?  (1) (page links)
December 2014; military designation unclear  (1) (page links)
December 2014; pending from TP  (1) (page links)
December 2014;abrute end  (11) (page links)
February 2013; what does that mean?  (1) (page links)
February 2015  (15) (page links)
February 2015; are these aquifers  (1) (page links)
February 2015; is there a difference between the  (1) (page links)
February 2015; is there an aperture 2007  (1) (page links)
February 2015; is this untied or united?  (1) (page links)
February 2015; what is the significance of this incomplete statement  (1) (page links)
February 2015; which is the team to semi-finals  (1) (page links)
February 2015;Ghana national football team and Morocco?  (1) (page links)
February 2015;reconcile w/later statement below "placed on hiatus by the [[Mexican Football Federation]], which occurred twice (the first between 1976 and 1988 and the second between 1992 and 1994)."  (1) (page links)
January 2015; for those not be aware of this term can it be linked  (2) (page links)
January 2015; some explanation or link needs to be made about editions menaing.  (1) (page links)
January 25, 2015; what is actuality?  (1) (page links)
March 2015; if not in football article should be if a common term  (1) (page links)
March 2015; which was under construction  (1) (page links)
display (page links)Ntitle  (1) (page links)
dtae (page links)NApril 2021  (1) (page links)
dte (page links)NJuly 2020  (1) (page links)
June 2020  (1) (page links)
explain (page links)NWhy are the British important? This is probably the wrong word.  (1) (page links)
for (page links)NExpand this abbreviation  (1) (page links)
unclear  (1) (page links)
what are "bands" in this context?  (1) (page links)
info (page links)N"Is this sentence about something that happens in 3rd age? Needs explicit connection & probable tense correction."  (1) (page links)
is this simply a repeat of a point made by the previous sentence?herbicides (page links)Npesticides? Or is some distinction intended?  (1) (page links)
issue (page links)N11 "just ridiculous" in a good way or a bad way?  (1) (page links)
In the last clause, who does Urasaki give the right to?  (1) (page links)
Is this still Kavitha posing as Sneha, or is it Sneha? In case it says that Kavitha is killed by Mayilvaghanan but it is unclear when this happens, and when the real Sneha comes back into the story.  (1) (page links)
The Crusades spanned 175 years  (1) (page links)
The flagship isn't a satellite of itself; if there were nine previous satellite stations, then this should be the tenth.  (1) (page links)
When and how so?  (1) (page links)
as of when?  (1) (page links)
can a person, a singer-songwriter, be a jam band? Perhaps this needs to be restated.  (1) (page links)
this covers its construction but is it operating? Since when?  (1) (page links)
this is the only mention of this character, need some context or remove as trivia  (1) (page links)
what is meant by "wet"? Did the ships leak? Did they get swamped by waves? Or something less literal?  (1) (page links)
needed (page links)NLargest in the world? In North America?  (1) (page links)
note (page links)NIt sounds as if this Ashram is the mother of [[Sri Aurobindo Ashram]] at Pondicherry, but I don't think that is the intended meaning  (1) (page links)
The final part of the sentence is confusing. Did they march with torches to other historical buildings?  (1) (page links)
Was the county one school district? Or was this like a Regional Superintendent?  (1) (page links)
What does this mean?  (1) (page links)
possibly a dated intersection arrangement  (1) (page links)
when is his birthday— September 29 or October 15?  (1) (page links)
which Walker Corporation?  (2) (page links)
post text (page links)N(what?)  (1) (page links)
post-text (page links)Y307 > 50 unique values
pre-text (page links)Y32 ?  (8) (page links)
Declined from what figure?  (1) (page links)
In the anime?  (1) (page links)
Machine translation from Swedish source is incomprehensible  (1) (page links)
This is not how sound pressure level is measured,  (1) (page links)
What date?  (1) (page links)
With which investigative body? It is not specified by the Wall Street Journal  (1) (page links)
Wrong  (1) (page links)
[[littoral]] or [[neritic]]?  (1) (page links)
how?  (1) (page links)
link or  (1) (page links)
or "neritic"?  (1) (page links)
remove or  (5) (page links)
rewording or  (1) (page links)
such as  (2) (page links)
when exactly?  (1) (page links)
which author?  (1) (page links)
which?  (1) (page links)
who?  (2) (page links)
problem (page links)N16 Are three different people being blackmailed, or do these descriptors all belong to the same person?  (1) (page links)
Does Amy or the horse get hurt?  (1) (page links)
Does this refer to livestock or financial investments?  (1) (page links)
In the 'phases' section below, there are four bullet points. Please have some consistency whether there are three phases or four. A reference would be nice. Also, if the phases below occur in a specific order, a numbered/ordered list might be preferable t  (1) (page links)
Is this Canadian or US dollars?  (1) (page links)
Is this a portrait of Mills, or a painting by Mills?  (1) (page links)
Isn't [[National Geographic Explorer]] a tv series?  (1) (page links)
Owners of what? Are the cigarettes stolen?  (1) (page links)
This seems like a sweeping statement. Is this the case for ALL laboratory studies, a majority of those published over a certain period, or just a few handpicked ones?  (1) (page links)
This word is too esoteric.  (1) (page links)
Was this launched in July or November?  (1) (page links)
What does "all of most" mean? Why not just "most"?  (1) (page links)
What is a loner in a 3-handed game when the caller has no partner?  (1) (page links)
Who are the 'he' and 'him'?  (1) (page links)
Why does someone voice a mute character?  (1) (page links)
cost to whom?  (1) (page links)
question (page links)Nhow does narrow streets relate to alternating direction of travel?  (1) (page links)
is this personal investment or investing Punjab's money as finance minister?  (1) (page links)
r (page links)Nis sides or corners meant?  (1) (page links)
should be "disregarding"?  (1) (page links)
rason (page links)NWhat is the doamin?  (1) (page links)
Where is Wadi Sarid?  (1) (page links)
different to what  (1) (page links)
rdate (page links)NJune 2013  (1) (page links)
reaason (page links)Nsentence not clear  (1) (page links)
read (page links)NWhich this? Part song growing out of earler glee? Was newer glee equivalent to a part song? Was Mendelssohn the influence on the growth of choral societies, and how were they different from "glee clubs", just size? Reference?  (1) (page links)
readon (page links)NPage number correct?  (1) (page links)
Whose statement? SCQF, UK govt, Scottish govt, Council, ???  (1) (page links)
readson (page links)NHow could she have spend most of her life in Oxford and London?  (1) (page links)
reasdon (page links)NWhich of the 4 bars is "Jungle Bar"?  (1) (page links)
reasn (page links)Nwhich one?  (1) (page links)
reasno (page links)NWhose family? Has she a family with Nikki Silver?  (1) (page links)
reason (page links) (missing)Y (S)11061 > 50 unique values
reasons (page links)NThe special wards style themselves cities.  (1) (page links)
either they were wives or they were not  (1) (page links)
reaspm (page links)NWhat is the GFY?  (1) (page links)
reeason (page links)Nwhat are capsules to do with what is going on  (1) (page links)
resaon (page links)Nwhat is meant by "crown"  (1) (page links)
reson (page links)NWhat is this?  (1) (page links)
Why is ''Wasp'' linked but ''Intrepid'' named?  (1) (page links)
define this term;  (1) (page links)
same person as one at (page links)Nfn_al_nm_1?  (2) (page links)
same person as one at (page links)Nfn_al_nm_1?  (1) (page links)
text (page links)Y545 > 50 unique values
time (page links)N20100810  (1) (page links)
title (page links)N3-methylcholanthrene  (1) (page links)
Exactly who/what are the Black Knights? First use of this name in article.  (1) (page links)
twined? ( (page links)Ntwinned?)  (1) (page links)
unit_pref (page links)NMetric  (1) (page links)
what (page links)N"which modem?"  (1) (page links)
when (page links)NFebruary 2021  (1) (page links)
year (page links)N2021  (1) (page links)
’’ ie’’ the parties recite each vow in both languages? 7 steps x 2 parties x 2 language, (page links)N28 vows?? Or sometimes ‘’instead’’ the vows are spoken in the parties’ language rather than in Sanskrit?  (1) (page links)
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