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Reflecting on 2021
December 2021
Anchor Podcasting in 2021: Looking back, moving forward
2021 saw incredible podcasting growth—both by breakthrough creators and the new Anchor tools they used.
Podcast Ratings
December 2021
Podcast ratings on Spotify: An easy way to make a good first impression—and draw in new listeners
Encouraging fans to rate your show can help prospective listeners see that it’s worth tuning in to
2021 Podcaster Wrapped
December 2021
2021 Podcaster Wrapped: Your year on Spotify
Take a moment to reflect on the stories you told, the milestones you reached, and the memories you created this year.
Podcast Subscriptions
November 2021
Podcast Subscriptions expanding around the world
Creators and listeners in 33 more markets can now take advantage of exclusive content for subscribers only—on iOS or Android
Video Podcasts
October 2021
Introducing Video Podcasts on Spotify
Video brings listeners right into your world, making podcasting a more engaging experience than ever.
Ads by Anchor
October 2021
Say hello to Ads by Anchor
Introducing the future of Anchor's monetization tools—flexible options for the evolving podcaster
Tips for creators, by creators.
How I Podcast
September 2021
How I Podcast: In conversation with “Growing Up Halal”
We’re talking with podcasters from all walks of life about their creative process and why audio is one of the coolest ways to tell a story.
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Recent Interviews:
August 2021
How I Podcast: In conversation with Lauren Abedini of “SHE/HER/THEY with KITTENS”
July 2021
How I Podcast: In conversation with Amani of “ANTIDOTE”
June 2021
How I Podcast: In conversation with Bob The Drag Queen & Monét X Change of “Sibling Rivalry”
May 2021
How I Podcast: In conversation with Olivia Lopez of “The Art of Travel”
April 2021
How I Podcast: In conversation with Angela Belt of "The Mood Board"
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Video Podcasts
January 2022
Why and how to start a Video Podcast on Spotify
Expand your creative capabilities with Video Podcasts on Spotify.
Digital creators
December 2021
The not-so-secret platform that digital creators love: podcasting
Three prominent digital creators share why they made podcasting a priority and how it’s different than any other platform.
Creative Block
September 2021
How podcasters can overcome their creative block
Creative block is an inevitable part of the podcasting process, but these tools are the key to finding your inspiration.
Audience Growth
January 2022
How to grow your podcast audience
A comprehensive guide to getting more loyal listeners for your podcast.
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Share your favorite podcast moments with timestamps
Creators & listeners can link directly to any part of a podcast—instead of asking others to look for an exact time in an episode.
Spotify features
How to use Spotify’s listening features to grow your show
There are a number of ways Spotify improves the podcast listening and discovery experience. Here’s how you can use them.
Press Pitches
A beginner’s guide to pitching your podcast to press
Everything you need to know to spread the word about your podcast.
Podcast Analytics
January 2022
4 ways to make podcast analytics part of your show’s growth strategy
You have access to lots of insights about your podcast. Here’s how to put them to work so you can grow your show.
2022 Podcast Planning
December 2021
How to use Spotify Podcaster Wrapped for podcast planning in 2022
Unpack key learnings from your podcast’s past year on Spotify to level up your show in 2022.
Podcast Subscriptions
December 2021
Podcast monetization: Prepare to launch your subscriber-only content
Ready to get started with Podcast Subscriptions on Anchor? This checklist will set you up for successful podcast monetization.
Listen: I Should Start a Podcast
Making a podcast is easy with Anchor, but you may still have some questions about getting started, choosing a format, or promoting your show. We've created this podcast to help you out along the way! 
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3. Getting the word out
After you’ve published an episode or two, and you’ve really got your rhythm down, you’ll probably want to start thinking about how to really find your audience, and grow your podcast. We’re talking about marketing. Today, we talk to Anchor’s marketing team about how to get the word out about your show.

Spotify for Podcasters is an analytics dashboard for podcasters and their teams to connect with Spotify.
Spotify for Podcasters
What You Need to Map Out a Season
The team behind EuroWhat? explains how they maintain momentum.
Spotify for Podcasters
Short Fiction Best Practices with Jonathan Mitchell
The creator of The Truth says the key to connecting with audiences is forging a clear path between the story and the listener.
Spotify for Podcasters
Your Podcast Needs Show Notes
Use them as a resource where you share credit and information your listeners want.
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