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Access the world’s research outputs through the CORE API
On Thursday 13th January 2022, Petr Knoth, Head of CORE and Matteo Cancellieri, Lead Developer, gave a webinar describing the new CORE APIv3 features. There were  72  attendees. In the first part, we introduced new features in the API, and the second part provided live coding examples followed by answering questions from the audience. 
Read about this webinar more on the Jisc Research blog.
Enjoy watching the recording of the webinar:
Webinar: Access the world’s research outputs through the CORE API
You can also find the slides presented at the webinar below.read more...
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Partnership Announcement: Cypris and CORE
We’re delighted to announce a new partnership between CORE and Cypris, a leading AI-driven, market intelligence platform that connects research & development (R&D) teams with innovation data and trends in their field.
The partnership will provide Cypris with unlimited access to over 210 million open access articles to further enhance their platform and regularly add live market data to provide R&D teams with the most up-to-date research in their fields of interest.
Continue reading this news on the Jisc Research Blog.
15th October 2021CORE AdminAPI, CORE, dataset, newslettercore, core integration API, coreAPI, database, dataset, metadata, openacccess
Partnership Announcement: ADRI and CORE
We’re delighted to announce a new partnership between CORE and Arabic Digital Reform Institute (ADRI), providing services to researchers to store, share and access Arabic academia online.
The partnership will provide ADRI with unlimited access to millions of open access articles to provide research platform and repository services to academics all over the world. 
The detailed information about this is available on the Jisc Research blog.
19th August 2021CORE AdminAPI, CORE, IntegrationAPI, core, core integration API, data, openaccess, partnership
APIv3: Announcing a new API to access CORE data
Since the start (10 years ago!) CORE’s mission has been to aggregate and facilitate access to Open Access scientific research at an unprecedented scale to both humans and machines. To achieve this aim, we are always refining and improving our methods for access and use of the CORE data.
A key consideration in making improvements is that CORE users hail from many different backgrounds and are applying the CORE tools in a variety of use-cases. At last count, we had over 40 broad industry types (including academic research, education, publishing, software, and technology companies) applying the CORE tools to their work across the world. Applications of CORE tools and data are growing and constantly changing.read more...
16th July 2021CORE Adminaggregation, API, CORE, growth, harvestingAPI, core, core integration API, data, growth, tool
CORE update for July to September 2020
The team continues to work on improving the CORE. This period was a highly productive period for CORE in terms of growing and developing our products.
You can found something interesting about:
  • Dashboard
  • Improving access to the CORE Repository Dashboard
  • Improving data provider registration 
  • CORE’s team involves an international event on processing research papers
  • CORE Discovery and repositories
  • CORE’s work on product improvement
  • Statistics
Read more
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CORE helps Lean Library to provide its users with freely accessible copies of research papers
CORE follows its mission and makes open access more visible and reusable by being an enabling infrastructure. This time CORE joins its forces with Lean Library, whose aim is to provide seamless access to research materials for users. Due to this collaboration with Lean Library, the CORE Discovery service will now be indirectly used by library systems integrating Lean Library, thereby reaching more users. More information about this integration can be found here.
22nd May 2020CORE AdminAPI, CORE, discovery, IntegrationAPI, core, discovery, integration, LeanLibrary
CORE becomes the world’s largest open access aggregator (or how about them stats 2018 edition)
This was another productive year for the CORE team; our content providers have increased, along with our metadata and full text records. This makes CORE the world’s largest open access aggregator
. More specifically, over the last 3 months CORE had more than 25 million users, tripling our usage compared to 2017. According to read more...
18th December 2018Matteo Cancellieriaggregation, API, CORE, dataset, growth, harvesting, recommender, repositories2018, statistics1 Comment
CORE’s Open Access content has reached the Moon! (or how about them stats 2017 edition)
For yet another year (see previous years 2016, 2015) CORE has been really productive; the number of  our content providers has increased and we have now more open access full text and metadata records than ever.
Our services are also growing steadily and we would like to thank the community for using the CORE API and CORE Datasets.
We also offer other services, such as the CORE Repositories Dashboard, CORE Publisher Connector and the CORE Recommender. We received great feedback with regards to the CORE Recommender, with George Macgregor, Institutional Repository Manager at Strathclyde University, reporting:
We are thrilled that this year CORE made it to the moon. Our next destination is Venus.
The CORE Team wishes you Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
* Note: Special thanks to Matteo Cancellieri for creating the graphics in this blog post.
21st December 2017Matteo Cancellieriaggregation, API, CORE, dataset, growth, harvesting, recommender, repositories2017, statistics
Introducing the CORE interface for the R programming language
Update 19/06/2017:
11th May 2017aresxsAPI, CORE, SDKr programming language, rOpenSci
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