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CORE update for January to March 2022
The first quarter of the new year was very productive for the CORE team with a number of new releases. 
First, we have been working hard on improving the user interface and experience of the website and its performance on technical, visual communication and usability levels. In January, we released a new homepage and redesigned the CORE services page
More about it can be found on the Jisc Research blog.
28th April 2022CORE AdminCORE, COREupdateAPI, core, coreAPI, coresearch, COREupdate, homepage, ref2021
Major update of CORE search 
CORE has just released a major update to its search engine, including a sleek new user interface and upgraded search functionality driven by the new CORE API V3.0.
CORE Search is the engine that researchers, librarians, scholars, and others turn to for open access research papers from around the world and for staying up to date on the latest scientific literature.
CORE constantly evaluates feedback from users and integrates this feedback as a part of the ongoing roadmap for CORE’s continued development. Working with our users and data providers to deliver a consistently improving user experience is a key component in CORE’s ongoing success.read more...
24th March 2022Catherine KuliavetsCORE, Uncategorisedcore, core coreAPI APIv3, coreAPI, coresearch, open access, openaccess, search
Open Access Helper gets CORE API v3 boost
We are always excited to announce new releases of tools that support Open Access and use the CORE services.
This time there is a release from our friends at the Open Access Helper. This is a tool that helps everyone discover a legal Open Access version of research outputs around the web. 
What is new with this version is the application’s ability to bring to researchers proactive notifications on their iPad and iPhone whenever they are browsing articles behind a paywall. 
We are really excited about this release because it is integrating our brand new CORE API (v3).read more...
10th February 2022CORE AdminAPI, CORE, Integrationcore, core coreAPI APIv3, core integration API, coreAPI, integration, openaccess
Access the world’s research outputs through the CORE API
On Thursday 13th January 2022, Petr Knoth, Head of CORE and Matteo Cancellieri, Lead Developer, gave a webinar describing the new CORE APIv3 features. There were  72  attendees. In the first part, we introduced new features in the API, and the second part provided live coding examples followed by answering questions from the audience. 
Read about this webinar more on the Jisc Research blog.
Enjoy watching the recording of the webinar:
Webinar: Access the world’s research outputs through the CORE API
You can also find the slides presented at the webinar below.read more...
19th January 2022CORE AdminAPI, CORE, webinarcore, core coreAPI APIv3, coreAPI, webinar
Partnership Announcement: Cypris and CORE
We’re delighted to announce a new partnership between CORE and Cypris, a leading AI-driven, market intelligence platform that connects research & development (R&D) teams with innovation data and trends in their field.
The partnership will provide Cypris with unlimited access to over 210 million open access articles to further enhance their platform and regularly add live market data to provide R&D teams with the most up-to-date research in their fields of interest.
Continue reading this news on the Jisc Research Blog.
15th October 2021CORE AdminAPI, CORE, dataset, newslettercore, core integration API, coreAPI, database, dataset, metadata, openacccess
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