Cataloging COVID-19 with the Library of Congress
JUNE 21, 2021
The Library of Congress shares how it’s working with photographers on Flickr to catalog photos of their experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic.
16 Questions about One Photo with Meika Ejiasi: Moody Asparagus
One Album, 16 Questions with Matt Katzenberger: Abstract Macros Inspired by Pride Flags
16 Questions about One Photo with Kourtney Iman: Cotton Is Still Grown Here
16 Questions about One Photo with Piet Biniek: What We Find in the Details
JULY 28, 2021
Piet Biniek, known on Flickr as Mathilda LeLapin, shares the philosophical approach to her photography and what intrigues her about the details of these eyelashes.
16 Questions about One Photo with Tobi Sobowale: Representation in Beauty Photography
JULY 12, 2021
Multidisciplinary artist and photographer Tobi Sobowale shares how she approaches the representation of Black women in beauty photography.
Flickr and Fujifilm’s Street Photography Critique
JULY 9, 2021
With over 600 photos submitted and almost 350 people watching live, Flickr and Fujifilm’s first virtual photo critique event on July 8 was a great success! If you missed the critique, no worries—you can still find it here.
Reconnecting through photography: Go take a photo!
JUNE 2, 2021
This entry is a guest post by Lou Noble, editor-in-chief of The Photographic Journal, and an active Flickr member for fifteen years. The pandemic having […]
16 Questions about One Photo with Dan Thompson: Capturing the Milky Way
MAY 28, 2021
Flickr member Dan Thompson loves capturing the Milky Way with his camera. In this installment of 16 Questions about One Photo, he shares how he captured the galaxy’s brilliant details in what he considers his best image of the Milky Way so far.
Macro Inspiration on Explore
MAY 26, 2021
“Summer evenings, butterflies, and meadows… my very favourite combination for unwinding after work. This is an especial favourite as I got lucky with pre-sunset light […]
Freedom Now Project — Documenting Students in Their Struggle for Social Justice
MAY 26, 2021
A photography collection documenting the pivotal civil rights protests that took place in the rural town of Farmville, Virginia, USA, in the summer of 1963.
Flickr Commons Revitalization – May Update
MAY 18, 2021
Early findings and key research themes from our conversations with members of the Flickr Commons.
Celebrating the train photography community on Flickr
MAY 17, 2021
The stories, history, people, and places behind the incredible train photography of the Flickr community.
16 Questions about One Photo with Masako Metz
MAY 13, 2021
Flickr member Masako Metz answers 16 questions about the spectacular black-and-white nature shot that won her an award at the Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA) in 2017.
Two Flickr Members on a Journey to Document the History of Napoléon
APRIL 28, 2021
Photographers and Flickr members Annabelle Matter and Alexis Gérard have traveled the world together to retrace the history of Napoleon. Now, they’re sharing that journey in Napoléon: L’Esprit des Lieux, a photo book that includes their photography of these historic settings.
Hard but not impossible: How Flickr is moving the needle on eliminating child sexual abuse from the internet.
APRIL 27, 2021
Content note: As we continue the conversation around our commitment to keeping the Flickr community and children safe, this guest blog article was written by John […]
Featured Photographer
Piet Biniek
Piet Biniek has been a member of Flickr since 2012 and goes by the pseudonym "Mathilda LeLapin." In addition to being a photographer, Piet is an artist with her own therapy and dance therapy practice. Her first photo exhibition was in 2009 and she lives in Wuppertal and Berlin, Germany.
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