The Way We Work Now: Networking in a Pandemic
by Amy MaozSeptember 18, 2020
If you’ve ever put yourself “out there” at a networking event, you’ve likely experienced the universal feeling of wishing you were home, alone, in sweatpants. Well, here we all are. Turns out, it’s possible to still connect with new people in meaningful ways and nurture existing relationships, and for your career, it may never be more necessary. Dig into this collection filled with expert advice on how to harness both technology and human connection to help your career thrive. No hand-shaking necessary.
How To Network From Home
Julie Weed • The New York Times
While team meetings and industry conventions have moved online, the pandemic has opened as many doors as it has closed.
Mentoring During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Ruth Gotian • Nature
Colleagues facing closed labs and enforced social distancing need a different type of support. Mentors must change their approach.
How to Diversify Your Professional Network (Because Your Connections Shouldn’t All Be Just Like You)
Marietta Gentles Crawford • The Muse
There are so many reasons to make the effort to expand and diversify your network.
How To Be an Empathetic Remote Coworker During the COVID-19 Crisis
Christopher Littlefield • Harvard Business Review
How do we build this safety and respect given our current circumstances, and now that nearly everyone is working remotely?
What It’s Like To Apply for — and Start — a Job During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Lucy Handley • CNBC
Starting a position remotely means losing the serendipity of bumping into new co-workers that an in-office environment provides, according to those who’ve done it.
Apps Serve Professionals Distanced Networking With Novel Twists
Ann-Marie Alcántara • The Wall Street Journal
Upstream, Lunchclub, Chalk and others are connecting homebound workers, some by capitalizing on Zoom-fatigue, while others flaunt exclusivity
How to Host a Virtual Networking Event
Dorie Clark and Alisa Cohn • Harvard Business Review
Just because you can’t connect in person doesn’t mean your business relationships have to languish.
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