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by TaliaOctober 14, 2021General
Knowing all the stuff you're supposed to know that you don't know - it's an exhausting endeavor. How can you know the stuff you don't quite know yet that you're supposed to know?! See, even we're tired just thinking that through. Here at Springshare, we have several different channels for you to communicate with each other, with us, and to keep updated on Springshare news. So, we thought we'd make it a smidge easier for you and outline all the places and sign-ups for you to stay in the Springy know... right in this blog post!
Getting Help & Training
There are a few places you can go to get help - whether it's a Springshare-led support system or to ask your fellow Springy users for their tips and tricks. Let's outline them below.
Main Springshare Support Website
Play video on original page
Learn about the Lounge!
Springshare Training website
SpringyU self-paced learning
Springshare Communication Channels - Are You Signed Up?
From this blog to our emails - there are two sign-up forms to ensure that you're getting Springy information right to your inbox. To get all the news, right when it's published, we recommend you sign-up for everything below. Email Alerts
Every time we publish a new blog post, on this blog (this exact post for example!), we send out an email alert directly to subscriber's inboxes. If you're not getting these blog posts delivered to your inbox, be sure to sign-up to receive email alerts. This way, you'll get all our blog posts, hot off the presses, right away.
Sign-up to receive email alerts from the blog directly to your inbox.
Springshare Mailing List
Every month, we send out an email in each of the following categories. If you want to make sure you get information on our upcoming training sessions, latest SpringyNews edition, or new products and tools - be sure to sign-up for each category below. You can unsubscribe at any time or alter your subscription preferences.
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Bits & Bobs - Other Recommended Springy Websites
Springshare Learning Labs
Almost every month, we host a Springshare Learning Lab! These webinars showcase a client doing something amazing with a Springshare Tool combined with a training session! We store all our Learning Lab recordings and presenter notes so you can review them at any time.
SpringyNews Newsletter Editions
Three to four times a year, we publish a robust newsletter, titled SpringyNews, complete with LibGuides Tips & Tricks, past and upcoming updates, and so much more. These newsletters are chock-full of fun and helpful information and older editions are be just as helpful! For example, in this 2017 edition, we focus on 5 tips for building accessible LibGuides content. If you have time, be sure to browse our current, and older editions, for helpful content.
Bonus Tip: If you subscribe to our email list and select Springshare Newsletter, you'll get SpringyNews delivered right to your inbox!
Client Stories - Get Inspired
We regularly publish interviews with clients, showcasing how they're using Springy tools at their institutions. There are some amazing stories, from Penn State University's use of LibGuides CMS LTI Automagic Tool for creating a library presence in 30,000+ online courses, to how one public library kept their doors open during COVID-19 using Springy tools.
There are several great, and inspiring stories, here - so be sure to check them out for inspiration and more!
Springshare Learning Lab - explore past presentations!
Browse all editions of SpringyNews
Browse client stories
Getting Social with Springshare!
Twitter - @Springshare
Our Twitter account is actively monitored by a dedicated group of folks on our social media team. We not only post fun and engaging content (weekly Wednesday riddles!) but we can also help answer any light questions you might have. For deeper more complicated questions, your best bet is to always contact our support team. So, if you're on Twitter - give us a follow!
Facebook - /springshare
Not only do we post fun stuff on our Facebook page, but we frequently go live with Facebook Live! You can explore our past live events, which include awesome client presentations at conferences, previous SpringyCamps, and more!
Now You're in the Know!
We hope this round-up of helpful websites and mailing lists clarified things for you! Be sure to bookmark these sites (or this blog post!), sign-up for those emails, and like us on social media. This way, you'll have access to all our virtual 'doors' and you'll be the first to hear about everything at Springshare!
Follow us on Twitter!
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Springy Participation in Upcoming Conferences
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