LibConnect w/ ILS Integration: Save Time & Increase Engagement with Auto-Updates
by TaliaOctober 28, 2021LibConnect
At the end of August, we (re)Introduced LibConnect to the Springy verse. Long story short, we rebranded LibCRM to be LibConnect because we're rolling out amazing Email Marketing functionality with ILS Integration.
And, we're happy to say, that functionality has now arrived! LibConnect's Email Marketing tool has ILS integration which auto-retrieves patron information making it easy to send them stunning marketing emails. Even better, our ILS Integration has auto-update functionality so if a patron changes status in your ILS, for example changing from a Freshman to a Sophomore or from a Child to a Young Adult, it will auto-update that change in LibConnect. This way, you can confidently send targeted emails to specific user groups.
ILS integration helps you generate unique email sender lists, saving you time and delivering a more tailored engagement experience for users. Rather than sending a blanket email to all subscribers, you can easily send targeted/resource-specific emails to unique groups of users thereby increasing engagement.
Need a Recap? What's LibConnect?
LibConnect is a full online engagement platform that helps you better connect and engage with your users.
Choose from a selection of library-specific email templates and easily customize them!
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