Spring Summer 2020
FAQ: How We’re Planning to Reopen the Libraries
Living Through History
FAQ on Reopening
Student Survey
Putting 'Global' Back
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the first time we have produced an online-only issue of our library magazine. We hope to be back in your mailboxes again soon!
A Message from the University Librarian
As our community has come together, I am reminded of the strength of our Libraries and those who work to advance them.
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Living Through History
How the Libraries have kept moving forward in the face of an unanticipated, historic, and serious public crisis.
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FAQ: How We’re Planning to Reopen the Libraries
Find out how we’re ramping back up to a “new normal” of library services and operations.
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Highlights from Our Student Survey
What do Duke students really think about the Libraries? We surveyed thousands of them to find out.
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How To: Make a Mini-Zine
Searching for inspiration or activities within easy reach? Why not make your own zine?
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Putting the “Global” Back into Global Pandemic
Our International and Area Studies librarians share recommended reads and resources about pandemics throughout world history.
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Endnote: Before/After
Images of the Libraries in “normal” times, and in the time of COVID.
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