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geometric coherent states membranes and star products  c19961
Geometric computation  20041
Geometric computation : foundations for design applications : Ko, Joy, 20171
geometric computations 2
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Geometric concepts for geometric design : Boehm, Wolfgang, c19941
Geometric concepts in Islamic art : El-Said, Issam. 19761
geometric concepts of data manipulation : Sharma, Subhash, 19961
Geometric constraint solving and applications  19981
geometric construction 2
Geometric constructions 4
geometric content : Paris, R. B. 20011
Geometric control of mechanical systems : modeling, analysis, and design for simple mechanical contr : Bullo, Francesco. 20051
Geometric control theory 2
geometric conventions : Vince, John 20081
geometric convergence : Robert, Christian P., 20101
geometric convergence of metropolis hastings algorithms : Robert, Christian P., 20101
geometric correction of hyperspectral remote sensor data : Jensen, John R., 20161
geometric corrections : Pohl, Christine, 20171
geometric curvature energies facts trends and open problems  20191
geometric data : Baden-Powell, Charlotte, 20081
Geometric data analysis : an empirical approach to dimensionality reduction and the study of pattern : Kirby, Michael, 20011
geometric data structures and searching  c19971
Geometric data structures for computer graphics : Langetepe, Elmar, 20061
geometric definition of quasiconformal maps : Fletcher, A. 20071
geometric derivation of the arrays : Kailath, Thomas. 20001
geometric description of paths implied by sdes : Neftci, Salih N. 20001
geometric design  c20031
Geometric design and ornament : 374 illustrations for artists and designers : Gillon, Edmund Vincent. c19691
geometric design by means of a g superscript 2 continuous a spline  20011
Geometric design guide for local roads and streets : American Association of State Highway Officals. 19711
geometric design of highways : Mannering, Fred L. 20091
The geometric design of roads : Underwood, Robin T. 19911
geometric design of travelways : Hoel, Lester A. c20081
Geometric design tolerancing : theories, standards and applications  19981
geometric dhurries : Chaldecott, Nada, 20031
Geometric differentiation : for the intelligence of curves and surfaces 2
geometric dimensioning and tolerancing 3
geometric dimensioning and tolerancing appendixes useful tables answers to selected problems : Budynas, Richard G. 20151
Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing : applications, analysis & measurement (per ASME Y14.5-2009) : Meadows, James D., c20091
Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing : applications and techniques for use in design, manufacturin : Meadows, James D., 19951
Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing for mechanical design : Cogorno, Gene R c20111
Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing : workbook and answerbook (per ASME Y14.5-2009) : Meadows, James D., 20091
geometric discrepancy theory and uniform distribution  c19971
Geometric dissections : Lindgren, Harry 19641
geometric distortion  20051
geometric distortions in radar images : Woodhouse, Iain H. 20051
geometric distortions in vir imagery : Pohl, Christine, 20171
geometric distribution 5
The geometric dual lag model / by Peter S.H. Leeflang and Gregory M. Mijatovich.  19881
Geometric dynamics : Udriște, Constantin 20001
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