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1regression 48
2Regression : a second course in statistics 2
3regression adjustments for confounding variables : Manly, B. F. J. 19921
4regression analyses : Hurley, Noel P. 20021
5regression analysis 52
6Regression analysis : a constructive critique : Berk, Richard A. c20041
7regression analysis an introduction : Rees, D. G., 19951
8Regression analysis and causal inference.  20151
9regression analysis and chi square test of independence : Brightman, Harvey J. c19991
10regression analysis and correlation 2
11Regression analysis and empirical processes : Geer, S. A. Van de c19881
12Regression analysis and its application. : Gunst, Richard F., c19811
13Regression analysis and its application : a data-oriented approach : Gunst, Richard F., c19801
14regression analysis and least squared errors : Myerson, Roger B. 20051
15A regression analysis approach to joint costs and cross-subsidy effects : the case of liner shipping : Zerby, J. A. 19801
16regression analysis assumptions and diagnostics  20151
17Regression analysis by example 4
18Regression analysis : concepts and applications : Graybill, Franklin A c19941
19regression analysis estimating relationships 3
20Regression analysis for categorical moderators : Aguinis, Herman, c20041
21regression analysis for cross sections  20151
22regression analysis for independent roc data : Zhou, Xiao-Hua, 20021
23regression analysis for program effects ages 15 and 14 : Reynolds, Arthur J. 20001
24Regression analysis for social sciences : Eye, Alexander von c19981
25Regression analysis for the social sciences : Gordon, Rachel A. 20101
26regression analysis for weights determination : Munier, Nolberto 20051
27regression analysis i simple linear regression : Johnson, Richard A. 20011
28regression analysis ii multiple linear regression and other topics : Johnson, Richard A. 20011
29Regression analysis in a study of regional wind speed and direction in Canberra, towards a scheme fo : Johnson, M. E. 19851
30regression analysis in discrimination cases  19861
31regression analysis military enlistment : Jewett, Clayton E. 20021
32regression analysis model building 4
33regression analysis ninth legislature : Jewett, Clayton E. 20021
34regression analysis of 1996 naep data : Armor, David J. c20031
35Regression analysis of count data 2
36regression analysis of economic time series data : Stock, James H., 20151
37regression analysis of power models : Ayyub, Bilal M., 20031
38Regression analysis of production costs and factory operations. 2
39regression analysis of survival data : Kirkwood, Betty R. 20031
40Regression analysis of survival data in cancer chemotherapy : Carter, Walter H., 19831
41regression analysis popular sales forecast system 3
42regression analysis ra  c20081
43regression analysis results : Smart, Warren, 20081
44regression analysis statistical inference 2
45regression analysis statistical inference introduction : Albright, S. Christian, 20091
46Regression analysis : statistical modeling of a response variable 2
47regression analysis studies : Girden, Ellen R. c20011
48regression analysis support for secession : Jewett, Clayton E. 20021
49regression analysis tenth legislature : Jewett, Clayton E. 20021
50regression analysis the linear model : Hoshmand, A. Reza. 20021

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