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optimal level of reserves in financially dollarized economies the case of uruguay  20081
optimal level of solidarity  20031
optimal level of supply : Schwarz, Wolfgang, 20081
Optimal life cycle saving with borrowing constraints : a graphical solution : Patel, Mrudula A 19901
Your entry Optimal Linear Controller Design for Periodic Inputs would be here -- Search as Words
optimal linear estimator : Sayed, Ali H., 20081
optimal linear inverse methods : Rodgers, C. D. c20001
optimal linear system of parametric form : Ludeman, Lonnie C. 20031
optimal load sharing between generators : Das, J. C., 20021
optimal location of a recycling centre in belgium externalities versus transportation costs : Thomas, I. 20021
The optimal location of modal interchanges : Kent, M. J. 19781
optimal locations and transportation networks the case of a common market : Thomas, I. 20021
optimal locations and transportation networks the case of autarky : Thomas, I. 20021
optimal locations for plant reintroductions in a changing world  20111
optimal locations of health centres in niger rainy season versus dry season accessibility : Thomas, I. 20021
optimal locations of human activities and the permeability of the border in a common market : Thomas, I. 20021
optimal long hedging : Röthig, Andreas, 20091
Optimal macroeconomic policy responses to an incipient external debt crisis the case of the Philippi : Montes, Vaughn Flores 19851
optimal maintenance in the supply chain  c20041
optimal management of behavioural disorders associated with dementia  c20001
optimal management of groundwater over space and time  c20061
optimal mandibular position : Tsutsui, Masahide. c20081
Optimal marginal income tax reforms : a microsimulation analysis : Creedy, John, 20091
Optimal marketing strategies in response to uncertainty by Illinois grain farmers : Klinefelter, Danny A. 19811
optimal matching of patients and short term psychotherapies  20021
optimal matching to form two independent comparisons : Rosenbaum, Paul R., 20101
optimal matching with multiple controls : Rosenbaum, Paul R., 20101
optimal mechanism design : McGuigan, James R., 19991
optimal method : Ifeachor, Emmanuel C. 20011
optimal methods for non linear inverse problems : Rodgers, C. D. c20001
optimal mixture models in ir : BCS-IRSG European Colloquium on IR Research 20021
optimal model linear programming  20021
Optimal models and methods with fuzzy quantities : Cao, Bing-Yuan. c20101
optimal models for visual recognition  19971
optimal models of neural networks : Galushkin, A. I. 20071
optimal monetary and exchange rate policy in the open economy : Froyen, Richard T. 20071
optimal monetary and fiscal policy : Turnovsky, Stephen J., 20001
optimal monetary policy : Froyen, Richard T., 20091
Optimal monetary policy design : rules vs. discretion again : Englander, A. Steven 19901
optimal monetary policy rules : Woodford, Michael, 20031
Optimal monetary policy under uncertainty : Froyen, Richard T. 20071
optimal morphology  20051
optimal motivation for creative intelligence  c20031
optimal multi unit auctions  20001
optimal multiperiod contracts and the gain from enduring relationships under private information  20081
optimal multiple stage designs for single arm trials  20031
Optimal muscle training 2
optimal neuro predictive stabilization policy for a national balance model of japan  20031
optimal nonlinear estimation : Stengel, Robert F., 19941
optimal normal bases : Wan, Zhexian. 20121
optimal number of confidants : Kelly, Anita E., 20021
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