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User Help: Using BONUS+
Use BONUS+ if your home library doesn't have a particular book available, or you want more books on your topic. It's easy and quick to use.
Using BONUS+
BONUS+ member libraries
About the BONUS+ Project
BONUS+ temporary closure
14 July 2020: BONUS+ re-opens, with the exception of Deakin University and University of Melbourne. Books from these universities are not currently available for requesting / borrowing, and their members may not request titles from other BONUS+ libraries. Renewal of existing loans to and from Deakin and University of Melbourne will continue to be available, unless a hold is placed on the title at the owning site.
It is unclear at this point when Deakin and University of Melbourne will be able to re-open their BONUS+ services. Contact your home library if you have any questions - libraries are continuing to provide services online to their clients..
24 March 2020:  BONUS+ services have been temporarily suspended due to the physical closures of member libraries and campuses, in response to the COVID-19 close-downs of non-essential services in Australia and New Zealand.
BONUS+ and the member libraries have increased the number of Renewals possible to prevent overdues - remember to renew your BONUS+ books in your home library patron record while your library and BONUS+ are closed.
Who can use BONUS+?
You don't need to specifically register for BONUS+  - your library membership includes this free service.
BONUS+ member libraries
How do I request an item?
How long does a BONUS+ delivery take?
How do I renew, track, or cancel a BONUS+ request?
What are the loan conditions?
Borrowing limits
The maximum number of BONUS+ requests you can make (including borrowed items) at any one time are:
A BONUS+ loan remains on your patron record until the borrowed item is checked back in at the owning library.
Lost or damaged book fees
A non-refundable charge of AU$125/NZ$160 will be imposed for lost and billed BONUS+ books (includes a processing fee for some libraries). Replacement books are not accepted. The charge may also apply for damaged books at the discretion of the owning library. Overdue fines may also be imposed. Please contact your local library in relation to items that are claimed as returned, lost or damaged.
Use of BONUS+ implies acceptance of these rules.
Can my BONUS+ book be recalled?
It can't be recalled, but another borrower may place a hold on the item. If this happens, you won't be able to renew the loan and you must return it by the due date.
Why can't I place a Hold / make a Request for an available item?
You  may have reached the maximum number of active requests.
Why can't I request a specific volume of a multi-volume work?
The owning library hasn't coded the multi-volume work so that separate volumes can be specifically requestable. A local library staff member may be able to help by contacting the owning library.
Christmas close downs may cause short delivery delay
BONUS+ member libraries have scheduled Christmas close-downs of various durations between 5pm, Friday 18 December 20213 and 9am, Wednesday 13 January 2021. You will continue to be able to place requests for BONUS+ items during this period, but due to the close-downs and Christmas mail, there may be short delays in the delivery to your home library of some requests.
We apologise for any inconvenience.
Last Updated: Sep 3, 2021 3:09 PM
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