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September 2021
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Wayfinding with Maps
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Interact Meaningfully with Springy Tools
How can we communicate clearly and provide guidance without adding more text--words readers will probably skim through or tune out?
Integrating a little extra help with visuals or improved / streamlined user experiences can ensure they're being supported in the way they need it. It can also reduce confusion and improve their assessment of your services.
Here are several ways you can maximize your Springy tools to help you achieve all of the above!
Wayfinding with Event & Appointment Maps
LibCal's optional interactive mapping module may be the gold standard for visually informing your patrons of library building activities, but did you know there are also awesome mapping features included in every full LibCal subscription? If you haven't yet, take advantage of static directional maps for in-person events and appointments! 
How LibCal's Directional Maps Work
When you upload location-specific map images for your Event and Appointment locations, the system will automatically share them on the event's public page or appointment confirmation page and in the corresponding booking confirmation and reminder emails. LibCal users can add map images to the following places:
With these awesome directional maps, your users will always know where to go when they enter the building and can quickly locate the right room/area for the appointment or event.
Explore interactive academic library, public library, and community college library maps and check out functionality coming down the pike in our recent blog post, "Interact with LibCal Maps!"
Connect with LibAuth for LibAnswers
Sometimes creating a meaningful connection means making sure only members of your community can reach your services. And in case you missed it, this summer we added a popularly requested feature: LibAuth authentication for LibAnswers. It adds an optional verification layer to your chat widgets, question forms, and public-facing content, so you limit who can submit questions and/or view your help FAQs.
Here's an overview of how LibApps and LibAnswers admins can set this up!
  1. Add a LibAuth configuration in LibApps > Admin > LibAuth Authentication

    You can skip this step if you are already using LibAuth to limit patron/student/staff access to other Springy tools like LibCal event registration and space/seat reservation, LibWizard forms, and LibGuides guides. 
  2. Head to LibAnswers > Admin > System Settings > Access Rules and select which LibAuth configuration you want to use in your LibAnswers system
  3. Lastly, enable LibAuth for a queue's question form, chat widget, and/or FAQ group, or for all public-facing pages. 
For step-by-step instructions on how to set up LibAuth in LibAnswers and apply it to your site, take a look at the associated Help Center FAQ
Gather Feedback with a LibWizard Button
See this tabbed button in action
Placing information or guidance at the moment a student/patron needs it can revolutionize their experience. It can help them feel supported or heard. It can help foster community. It can help you gather the input needed to improve a service or resource. 
And it's easy to add it right within view. LibWizard users can quickly create and customize a tabbed button widget in their form/survey/quiz/tutorial's Share/URL settings to:
Once LibWizard users have the embed code, they can place it in a LibGuides site, group, or individual guide, a space/seat booking page, or anywhere else they're looking to help, instruct, or gather feedback!
Something simple like an embedded LibWizard tabbed button can make a huge difference. Don't believe us? Just ask Nancy at the Kent School. :D
I absolutely love this one small change we made to our guides which made a big difference for our users. The tab is anchored, visible on each page of the guide, and moves as the user scrolls. Excuse me while I geek out—but what is not to love about my new favorite tech tool?
- Nancy Florio, Kent School
Transitioning to Online Learning with LibGuides & LibWizard at the Kent School
Last Updated: Oct 25, 2021 12:53 PM
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