Hybrid War: Russia vs. the West
Merkel’s Legacy, as Seen From Russia
Dmitri Trenin
Seen from Moscow, Angela Merkel’s long tenure was a period of relative, if not always palatable, predictability in German-Russian relations. The future of the relationship will depend in no small measure on who succeeds her and how skilled that successor is at the art of statecraft. Merkel is leaving behind very big shoes to fill.
Should Russia Be Worried by the New AUKUS Alliance?
Andrey Kortunov
Decisions made by NATO may be unpalatable for Moscow, but they are generally consistent and predictable. The same cannot be said of structures such as AUKUS.
Interpreting the Biden Doctrine: The View From Moscow
Dmitri Trenin
It is the success or failure of remaking America, not Afghanistan, that will determine not just the legacy of the Biden administration, but the future of the United States itself.
Lessons for Russia From the U.S. Leadership Crisis
Alexander Baunov
It would be foolish to assume the American withdrawal from Afghanistan will be repeated everywhere else that there is a U.S. presence.
Why Everyone’s a Winner in the Nord Stream 2 Deal
Alexander Baunov
The agreement between Germany and the United States, which at first glance appears to be to Russia’s advantage, is in fact beneficial to all parties—even Ukraine.
Is Russia Finally Ready to Tackle Climate Change?
Tatiana Mitrova
In theory, climate change and green energy are areas in which there is scope for joint international projects, new investment, and the transfer of green technology to Russia. Yet drastic differences in targets set and regulatory frameworks make such an optimistic scenario unlikely.
Common Ground: Why Russia and Canada Should Cooperate in the Arctic
Andrea Charron
As the largest Arctic states, Canada and Russia have the most to lose if we allow differences to stymie cooperation.
Podcast: A Closer Look at Russia’s New National Security Strategy
Alexander Gabuev
Anastasia Likhacheva
Dmitri Trenin
This podcast episode focuses on Russia’s new National Security Strategy and the vision of the world presented in it.
Is There a New Status Quo in Russia-West Relations?
Liana Fix
The Biden-Putin summit has elicited hopes for a new status quo in relations between Russia and the West, marked by guardrails and the prevention of further destabilization. Yet this momentum will be short-lived if it is not backed up by coordination between the United States and Europe, and commitment from Moscow.
Afghanistan After the U.S. Pullout: Challenges to Russia and Central Asia
Dmitri Trenin
The nature of the Afghan problem for Central Asia and Russia lies in Afghanistan becoming a source of instability for the region.

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