IT Services on Licenses and Technical Support
May-16-22 | The Government of Honduras is tendering technical support services for equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, virtually, by telephone or physical assistance, to diagnose and provide solutions to problems presented by the National Commission of Banks and Insurance.
Rice: Purchases from the U.S. Up
May-16-22 | For the third quarter of 2021, rice imports made by Central America showed a decrease of 31%, however, the main supplier of the region was the United States of America with $139 million, which represents 68% of the purchases made from Central America.
Cardboard Boxes: Guatemala is the Main Supplier
May-16-22 | During the third quarter of 2021, purchases made by Central America increased by almost 50% to $136 million, with Guatemala being the largest supplier with $38 million in sales to the region.
$6 Million in Residential Tower Under Construction
May-16-22 | In Guatemala, a luxury apartment complex is being developed with 25 thousand square meters of construction, eight stories below ground level and 18 stories high, in addition to different amenities that residents will be able to enjoy.
$17 Million in Energy Construction Project
May-16-22 | In Panama, a 71,976 Kwp solar plant will be built on a usable area of 75 hectares, requiring 12 inverters and 04 transformers distributed in modules.
Fiber Optic Cable: Purchases Up by 10%
May-9-22 | During the third quarter of 2021 there was a growth in the Central American region in fiber optic cable imports by $10 million, reaching $55 million in purchases, the main supplier is China with $18 million.
Purchases in the Non-alcoholic Beverages Sector Increase
May-9-22 | For the third quarter of 2021, imports of non-alcoholic beverages reached $412 million in the Central American region, the main supplier was Guatemalan companies with $100 million.
Energy Sector: Tender for the Construction of an Electric Substation
May-9-22 | Construction of a fully equipped electrical substation in the Dominican Republic is being tendered, with an option to expand in the future.
$5 Million for Construction of Vertical Housing in Two Phases
May-9-22 | In Guatemala, a residential complex will be built in two phases for almost 600 apartments in three towers, with amenities for condominium owners and a large parking capacity.
Costa Rica: Residential Complex Under Construction
May-9-22 | One hundred and forty homes are expected to be built in an area of 34,711 square meters in the province of Limón, Costa Rica, with cobblestone streets and recreational areas.
7 Excellent Programs to Run Consultancies and Consultancy Firms
May-4-22 | The use of specific software in your consultancy or agency can bring benefits on several levels.
Empresa Portuaria Nacional Tenders Rubber Fenders for Docks
May-3-22 | Empresa Portuaria Nacional Santo Tomás de Castilla - EMPORNAC - bids rubber fenders of different sizes to protect the docks located at berths one to four.
Construction Sector: $5 Million in Vertical Housing
May-2-22 | Guatemala City is expected to have a mixed commercial-housing project with a commercial area and apartments of different typologies with one to three bedrooms, providing options for those interested in residences.
Recreational Sector: Construction in Costa Rica
May-2-22 | In Costa Rica, a recreational complex is planned for construction in an area near the beach; the buildings will include residences for lodging and relaxation areas.
Beauty and Personal Care: Costa Rica is the Main Importer
May-1-22 | For the third quarter of 2021, purchases in the Central American region of beauty and personal care products increased by 28% to reach $413 million, with Mexico being the main supplier of these products with a sales value of $123 million.
Cleaning Products: Sector Recovers
May-1-22 | For the third quarter of 2021 imports of soaps and cleaning products in the Central American region increased by 45% reaching $128 million in purchases, the main supplier is Honduras with $79 million.
Guatemala: Tender for Leasing of Medical Equipment
Apr-26-22 | The Roosevelt Hospital requires leasing various hospital equipment for 365 days to continue providing service to the public.
Footwear: Purchases in the Region Are Recovering
Apr-26-22 | For the third quarter of 2021, an increase in Central American purchases of footwear and its parts is observed, reaching imports of $445 million in the period analyzed, with China being the main supplier with $168 million.
Residential Sector: Construction in Guatemala
Apr-26-22 | The residential project is planned to establish 841 homes on an 88,000 square meter site near Guatemala City.
Panama: $529 Million for Construction of Line 3 Crossing
Apr-26-22 | The Panama Metro is expanding the Panama Canal, a subway construction will be carried out at the crossing of line 3, to be executed in two sections that will have a length of 6 thousand meters.
Autoparts: Guatemala, Main Buyer in the Region
Apr-26-22 | For the third quarter of 2021 a slow recovery of the automotive sector is seen, reaching purchases in the Central American region for $451 million, with China being the main supplier, with 27% of the market.
Medicines in the First Quarter 2022
Apr-19-22 | A cut-off for the first quarter of the year shows a relevant figure in the health and medicine sector for the Central American region and the Dominican Republic.
Health: Tender for $14 Million for Construction of Building and Equipment
Apr-19-22 | Panama's government needs to tender work from the design of plans, building construction, medical equipment and systems maintenance, in the province of Cocle for a Health Center.
$55 Million for Apartment-hotel Construction
Apr-19-22 | A tourist hotel will be built in Panama with 396 units under the Apart-hotel modality, with living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry and balcony, distributed in seven buildings with different levels.
Residences under Construction in El Salvador
Apr-19-22 | Properties are being developed for residential use in El Salvador, the lots are located in different provinces, to facilitate access to housing for Salvadorans, with different typologies to accommodate families.
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