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LEADER 00000cam 2200000 a 4500 001 422765052 003 OCoLC 005 20110222161928.0 008 090824s2009 enkab b 000 0 eng 010 2009035289 020 9780521766906 (hbk.) 020 0521766907 (hbk.) 020 9780521747523 (pbk.) 020 052174752X (pbk.) 035 (OCoLC)422765052 040 DLC|cDLC|dBTCTA|dBWKUK|dBWK|dYDXCP|dCDX|dBWX|dSDB 043 cl----- 049 CCXC 090 HC123|b.L385 2009 245 00 Latin American development priorities /|cedited by Bjørn Lomborg. 260 Cambridge, UK :|aNew York :|bCambridge University Press, |c2009. 300 xxviii, 695 p. :|bill., maps ;|c24 cm. 504 Includes bibliographical references. 505 0 Democracy in the LAC region, challenges and solutions: political party and party system institutionalization and women's legislative representation / Mark P. Jones -- Three proposals to improve education in the LAC region: estimates of the costs and benefits of each strategy / Amy Damon, Paul Glewwe -- Education: an alternative view / Miguel Urquiola -- Labor market reforms in the LAC region: consequences and costs / Alejandra Cox Edwards -- Labor market reforms: an alternative view / Adriana Kugler -- Forests, biodiversity, and avoided deforestation in the LAC region / Roger A. Sedjo, Juha Siikamäki -- Forests and biodiversity: an alternative view / Randall A. Kramer -- Fiscal policy reforms in the LAC region / Miguel Braun -- Fiscal policy reforms: an alternative view / Max A. Alier, Benedict Clements -- Challenges and solutions in health in the LAC region / Philip Musgrove -- Challenges and solutions in health: an alternative view / William D. Savedoff -- High logistics costs and poor infrastructure for merchandise transportation in the LAC region / Julio A. Gonzalez, José Luis Guasch, Tomas Serebrisky -- High logistics costs and poor infrastructure for merchandise transportation: an alternative view / Ronald Fischer -- Reducing poverty in the LAC region / Sebastian Galiani -- Reducing poverty: an alternative view / Stephen D. Younger -- Public administration and institutions in the LAC region / Susan Rose-Ackerman -- Public administration: an alternative view / Ugo Panizza -- Violence and crime in the LAC region / Mark A. Cohen, Mauricio Rubio -- Violence and crime: an alternative view / Andrew Morrison. 520 "Many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have achieved considerable economic growth, yet the region still faces many seemingly intractable problems. The conventional wisdom in development agencies - that prioritization is impossible and that everything must be done - is simply not effective. Latin American Development Priorities shows how limited resources could be used for the greatest benefit of the Latin American and Caribbean region. A panel of economists met over three days in San Jose; to review proposals to tackle the ten most important challenges, which emerged from a survey by the Inter- American Development Bank. The expert panel was asked a question which appears simple but is actually very difficult to answer: What should Latin American governments do with an additional nominal $10 billion? Hard choices are needed if Latin America's problems are to be tackled effectively. This book provides the means to make those choices as objectively as possible"--Provided by publisher. 651 0 Latin America|xEconomic conditions|y1982- 651 0 Latin America|xEconomic policy. 700 1 Lomborg, Bjørn,|d1965- 994 92|bCCX
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