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Ds 135 S95 F728 1997 : Available    
      The Damascus affair : "ritual murder," politics, and the Jews in 1840 / Jonathan Frankel. Humanities Library 
Ds 135 S95 M4 1978 : Available    
      Jews and Christians in Antioch in the first four centuries of the common era / by Wayne A. Meeks and Humanities Library 
Ds 135 T7 B68 2013 : Library Use Only    
      Silencing the past : the Arab spring, Israel and the Jews of Tunisia / Ron Boublil. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 T8 F5 1969 : Available    
      Jews in the economic and political life of mediaeval Islam, by Walter J. Fischel. New introd. by the Humanities Library 
Ds 135 T8 R45 2009 : Library Use Only    
      Shoah : Turkey, the US and the UK / Arnold Reisman. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U4 D45 2005 : Available    
      Farming the red land : Jewish agricultural colonization and local Soviet power, 1924-1941 / Jonathan Humanities Library 
Ds 135 U4 D4813 2008 : Library Use Only, Available    
      The Holocaust by bullets : a priest's journey to uncover the truth behind the murder of 1.5 million J Samueli Holocaust Library, Humanities Library  
Ds 135 U4 D4813 2018 : Library Use Only    
      In broad daylight : the secret procedures behind The Holocaust by Bullets / Father Patrick Desbois ; Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U4 R33 1995 : Available    
      Between remembrance and denial : the fate of the Jews in the wars of the Polish Commonwealth during t Humanities Library 
Ds 135 U4 S535 2008 : Library Use Only    
      The Shoah in Ukraine : history, testimony, memorialization / edited by Ray Brandon and Wendy Lower. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U4 S64 2006 : Library Use Only    
      Spell your name [videorecording] / Steven Spielberg and Victor Pinchuk present ; a USC Shoah Foundati Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U42 B833 2018 : Library Use Only    
      Anatomy of a genocide : the life and death of a town called Buczacz / Omer Bartov. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U42 C4533 2010 : Library Use Only    
      Ghosts of home : the afterlife of Czernowitz in Jewish memory / Marianne Hirsch and Leo Spitzer. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U42 J4 1959 : Available    
      Sefer Ozyeran ṿeha-sevivah. Humanities Library 
Ds 135 U42 K477 1996 : Library Use Only    
      The net of dreams : a family's search for a rightful place / Julie Salamon. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U42 K54285 1989 : Library Use Only    
      Babi Yar, lessons of history [videorecording] / Ukranian Studio of TV Films ; Maljack Productions ; b Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U42 L8578 2007 : Available    
      A murder in Lemberg : politics, religion, and violence in modern Jewish history / Michael Stanislawsk Humanities Library 
Ds 135 U42 T738 2016 : Library Use Only    
      Hitler's basement : my search for truth, light, and the forgotten executioners of Ukraine's kingdom o Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 A154 2005 : Library Use Only    
      Holocaust in the Ukraine / editor, Boris Zabarko ; translator, Marina Guba. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 A165 2000 : Library Use Only    
      The "Final solution" is life : a Chassidic dynasty's story of survival and rebuilding / by Laura Deck Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 F56413 1998 : Library Use Only, Available    
      Genya / by Genya Finkelstein ; translated from the Hebrew by Shuli Sharvit. Samueli Holocaust Library, Humanities Library  
Ds 135 U43 G374 2001 : Available    
      Sara's children and the destruction of Chmielnik / by Suzan E. Hagstrom. Humanities Library 
Ds 135 U43 G45 1995 : Library Use Only    
      It could not have happened : a true story of humanity and inhumanity / by Rochelle "Rachel" Smola Gel Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 G634 2011 : Library Use Only    
      The diary of Samuel Golfard and the Holocaust in Galicia / Wendy Lower. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 H43 2002 : Library Use Only    
      Life death memories / Thomas T. Hecht. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 H83 2013 : Library Use Only    
      Isabelle's attic : the story of a young Jewish girl's survival against the Nazis / by Isabelle Teresa Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 J335 2000 : Library Use Only, Available    
      Head of the line : a Holocaust survivor's memoir / [Michael (Jakubowics) Jackson]. Samueli Holocaust Library, Humanities Library  
Ds 135 U43 L445 2006 : Library Use Only    
      Mendel's daughter / Gusta Lemelman, Martin Lemelman. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 L58513 2000 : Library Use Only    
      Journey through the night : Jakob Littner's Holocaust memoir / [translated and edited by] Kurt Nathan Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 M65 2002 : Library Use Only    
      Forgotten few / by Cora T. Schwartz = Nemnogie zabytye / Kora Shvar︠t︡s. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 N68 2000 : Library Use Only    
      One left, just one / Margaret Marketa Novak. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 R7947 2006 : Library Use Only    
      Reflections : Auschwitz, memory, and a life recreated / Agi Rubin, Henry Greenspan. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 S58 2000 : Library Use Only    
      The Shuman story : the life and times of Peretz Shuman and Chaika Aliotz Shuman / by Ferne E. Mittlem Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 U43 S9643 2008 : Library Use Only    
      Joshua & Isadora : a true tale of loss and love in the Holocaust / Michael Benanav. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 Y4 G615 1947 : Available    
      From the land of Sheba : tales of the jews of Yemen / coll. and ed. by S. D. [F.] Goitein. Humanities Library 
Ds 135 Y4 H43 2000 Z  
      Hedva's story [videorecording] / producer, Adaire Hairrs ; co-producer/director, Bea Silvern ; [prese Humanities Library 
      Margalite [videorecording] : sweet singer from Yemen / producer, Adaire Hairrs ; associate producer, Humanities Library 
Ds 135 Y8 F73 1979 : Available    
      The Jews of Yugoslavia : a quest for community / Harriet Pass Freidenreich. Humanities Library 
Ds 135 Y83 A8313 2010 : Library Use Only    
      We are witnesses / Zvi Asaria-Hermann Helfgott. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 Y83 K33 2019 : Library Use Only    
      Sarinka : a Sephardic Holocaust journey : from Yugoslavia to an internment camp in America / F. Linda Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 135 Z33 F734 2005 Eb    
      No fixed abode [electronic resource] : a Jewish odyssey to Africa / Peter Fraenkel. Electronic Book 
Ds 140 B42 1993 Eb    
      Political assassinations by Jews [electronic resource] : a rhetorical device for justice / Nachman Be Electronic Book 
Ds 140 E396 1985 : Available    
      The Jewish polity : Jewish political organization from Biblical times to the present / Daniel J. Elaz Humanities Library 
Ds 140 E89 2002 : Available    
      The divided people : can Israel's breakup be stopped? / Eva Etzioni-Halevy Humanities Library 
Ds 140 H47 1998 : Available    
      Jews : the essence and character of a people / Arthur Hertzberg, Aron Hirt-Manheimer. Humanities Library 
Ds 140 J47 : Library Use Only    
      Jewish political studies review. Samueli Holocaust Library 
Ds 140 J475 2000 : Available    
      The Jewish political tradition / editors, Michael Walzer, Menachem Lorberbaum, Noam J. Zohar ; coedit Humanities Library 
Ds 140 K56 1983 : Available    
      Kinship and consent : the Jewish political tradition and its contemporary uses / edited by Daniel J. Humanities Library 
Ds 140 M3 1957 : Damaged    
      Dix ans après la chute de Hitler, 1945-1955. Préf. de René Cassin Humanities Library 
Ds 140 P63 2009 : Available    
      Why are Jews liberals? / Norman Podhoretz. Science and Technology Library 
Ds 140 W57 2007 : Available    
      Jews and power / Ruth R. Wisse. Humanities Library 
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