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Education College Athletes United States : Available  c20031
Education College Freshmen United States : Available  c19991
Education Colombia History : Available  c19861
Education Colonial History : Available  c19981
Education Colorado History 20th Century : Available  20111
 Education Commission Of The States National Assessment Of Educational Progress -- See National Assessment of Educational Progress (Project)  1
Education Communicative Disorders Patients 2
 Education Communist -- See Communist education
Here are entered works on communist indoctrination in all phases of education. Works on the position of education in communist ideology are entered under Communism and education.
 Education Community -- See Community education
Here are entered works on educational plans or programs which involve parents, teachers, children, and other members of the local community in the learning process and which may extend existing resources and/or facilities into the community to serve educational needs not met by regular school programs.
Education Company Of Mary Mexico History : Available  19811
 Education Comparative -- See Comparative education  1
 Education Compensatory -- See Compensatory education  1
 Education Compulsory -- 3 Related Subjects 3
Education Compulsory 7
Education Compulsory Armenia Republic : Available  c20011
Education Compulsory Australia : Available  c19621
Education Compulsory Developing Countries : Available  c2004-1
Education Compulsory Germany Bavaria History 19th Century : Available  19891
Education Compulsory Germany Prussia History 19th Century : Available  19891
Education Compulsory Great Britain History : Available  c20031
Education Compulsory India : Available  c19911
Education Compulsory Indonesia : Available  19541
Education Compulsory Japan Cross Cultural Studies : Available  c19941
 Education Compulsory Law And Legislation -- See Educational law and legislation

--subdivision Education--Law and legislation under individual ethnic groups
Education Compulsory United States 4
Education Compulsory United States Congresses : Available  19741
Education Compulsory United States Cross Cultural Studies : Available  c19941
Education Compulsory United States History : Available  c20031
Education Compulsory Utah : Available  19831
Education Computer Assisted Instruction 4
Education Computer Assisted Instruction Case Studies : Available  20181
Education Computer Network Resources 14
Education Computer Network Resources Directories : Available  c20011
Education Computer Network Resources Evaluation : Available  20021
Education Computer Programs 3
Education Computer Programs Periodicals : Library Use Only  c19981
Education Computer Programs Purchasing : Available  c19861
Education Congo Democratic Republic : Available  19661
Education Congresses 3
Education Congresses Handbooks Manuals Etc : Available  c20001
Education Congresses Planning Handbooks Manuals Etc : Available  c19931
Education Continuing Education Indigenous Peoples Canada  20121
Education Continuing Education Physical Therapists : Library Use Only  20001
Education Continuing Education Teachers : Available  c20081
 Education Cooperative -- 3 Related Subjects 3
Education Cooperative 11
Education Cooperative California Orange County : Library Use Only  19701
Education Cooperative Canada : Available  c20031
Education Cooperative Cuba : Available  c19781
Education Cooperative Research  20041
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