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God Power And Evil Griffin David Ray 1939  c19911
 God Praise -- See Praise of God  1
 God Presence -- See Presence of God
Here are entered works on the special presence of God in a particular place, or with a particular object or group of people. Works on the general presence of God in all creation are entered under God--Omnipresence.
God Promises Biblical Teaching : Available  19791
God Proof 36
God Proof Cosmological 4
God Proof Cosmological History Of Doctrines : Available  19801
God Proof History Of Doctrines 3
God Proof History Of Doctrines 20th Century : Available  c19851
God Proof Humor : Available  20091
God Proof Ontological 7
God Proof Ontological Early Works To 1800 3
 God Proof Teleological -- See Also Intelligent design (Teleology)
Here are entered works on the theory that there are elements of design in the natural world, especially the biological world, that indicate its creation by an intelligent agent.
God Proof Teleological : Available  20071
 God Providence And Government -- See Providence and government of God  1
 God Revelation -- See Revelation  1
 God Silence -- See Hidden God  1
 God Sovereignty -- See Providence and government of God  1
 God Suffering -- See Suffering of God  1
 God Suffering Of -- See Suffering of God  1
 God Transcendence -- See Transcendence of God  1
God Will 3
God Will Early Works To 1800 : Available  19871
 God Will Permissive -- See Theodicy
Here are entered works that attempt to vindicate the wisdom and goodness of God in the creation and government of the world, and to rebut the charge that these are brought into question by the existence of evil and sin.
--subdivision Religious aspects under types of disasters, e.g. Earthquakes--Religious aspects
God Wisdom : Available  19331
God Worship And Love 5
God Worship And Love Early Works To 1800  199-?1
Godaigo Emperor Of Japan 1288 1339 Fiction 2
Godard Jean Luc 1930 6
Godard Jean Luc 1930 Contempt : Display Circulating  c20081
Godard Jean Luc 1930 Criticism And Interpretation 15
Godard Jean Luc 1930 Histoire S Du Cinema : Available  20131
Godard Jean Luc 1930 Interviews 2
Godard Jean Luc 1930 Mepris : Available  20041
Goddard Marjorie Interviews : Library Use Only  20091
Goddard Paulette 1911 1990 : Available  c19851
Goddard Paulette 1911 1990 Marriage : Available  c19951
Goddard Robert Hutchings 1882 1945 : Available  19701
Goddard Space Flight Center Research : Available  c20031
 Godden Margaret Rumer 1907 1998 -- See Godden, Rumer, 1907-1998  1
Godden Rumer 1907 1998 : Available  c19871
Godden Rumer 1907 1998 Criticism And Interpretation 2
Godden Rumer 1907 1998 Film Adaptations : Available  20051
 Goddess Movement -- See Goddess religion
Here are entered works on modern, Wiccan and Neopagan religions in which the Goddess is worshiped.
Goddess Religion 8
Goddess Religion History 20th Century  c19961
Goddess Religion United States : Display Non-Circulating  19791
 Goddesses -- 4 Related Subjects 4
Goddesses 20
 Goddesses Afro Brazilian -- See Also the narrower term Orishas  1
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