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 Pregnancy In Adolescence -- See Teenage pregnancy  1
Pregnancy In Literature 4
Pregnancy In Motion Pictures : Available  c20121
Pregnancy Juvenile Fiction 2
Pregnancy Law And Legislation : Available  20121
Pregnancy Mozambique : Available  c20081
Pregnancy Nutritional Aspects 7
Pregnancy Nutritional Aspects Tables : Available  19781
Pregnancy Pictorial Works : Available  19791
 Pregnancy Prevention -- See Birth control  1
Pregnancy Psychological Aspects 5
Pregnancy Religious Aspects Christianity : Available  c20071
 Pregnancy Teenage -- See Teenage pregnancy  1
 Pregnancy Termination -- See Abortion  1
Pregnant Teenagers Education California : Library Use Only  19731
Pregnant Teenagers Education California Garden Grove : Library Use Only  19711
Pregnant Teenagers Education Social Aspects United States : Available  20031
Pregnant Teenagers Fiction : Library Use Only  20161
 Pregnant Women -- See Also Mothers  1
Pregnant Women Alcohol Use : Missing  19821
 Pregnant Women Care -- See Prenatal care  1
Pregnant Women Comic Books Strips Etc : Available  20151
 Pregnant Women Diseases -- See Pregnancy Complications  1
Pregnant Women Drama 8
Pregnant Women Drug Use California San Francisco : Available  20151
Pregnant Women Effect Of Drugs On Handbooks Manuals Etc  20191
Pregnant Women England London Drama : Available  c20071
Pregnant Women England Midlands Fiction : Available  19991
Pregnant Women Fiction 8
Pregnant Women Legal Status Laws Etc : Available  20121
Pregnant Women Legal Status Laws Etc United States 2
Pregnant Women Medical Care Ontario Toronto : Available  c20091
Pregnant Women Mental Health : Available  c20031
Pregnant Women New York State Buffalo : Available  c20101
 Pregnant Women Nutrition -- See Pregnancy Nutritional aspects  1
 Pregnant Women Psychology -- See Pregnancy Psychological aspects  1
Pregnant Women Surgery  c20041
Pregnant Women Tobacco Use : Missing  19821
Pregnant Women United States Biography : Available  c20001
Pregnant Women United States Drama : Available  c20071
 Prehistoric Agriculture -- See Agriculture, Prehistoric  1
 Prehistoric Animals In Motion Pictures -- See Also Paleontology
Here are entered works on both general and zoological paleontology.
 Prehistoric Anthropology -- See Anthropology, Prehistoric
Here are entered works on prehistoric anthropology as a science, including its history, methods, scope, etc. Works on human prehistory are entered under the headings Antiquities, Prehistoric and Prehistoric peoples and under the names of countries, cities, etc., with the subdivision Antiquities.
 Prehistoric Antiquities -- See Antiquities, Prehistoric

--subdivision Antiquities under names of countries, cities, etc. and headings qualified by the word Prehistoric, e.g. Textile fabrics, Prehistoric
 Prehistoric Archaeology -- 2 Related Subjects 2
 Prehistoric Art -- See Art, Prehistoric  1
 Prehistoric Astronomy -- See Archaeoastronomy  1
 Prehistoric Boats -- See Boats, Prehistoric  1
 Prehistoric Commerce -- See Commerce, Prehistoric  1
 Prehistoric Dwellings -- See Dwellings, Prehistoric  1
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