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Upper Peninsula Mich Fiction : Available  c20041
Upper Peninsula Mich Juvenile Fiction : Library Use Only  c19131
Upper Peninsula Mich Social Life And Customs : Available  20111
 Upper Peru -- See Bolivia  1
Upper West Side New York N Y Biography : Available  20111
Upper West Side New York N Y Drama 2
Upper West Side New York N Y Fiction 5
 Upravlenie Verkhovnogo Komissara Oon Po Delam Bezhentsev -- See Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  1
 Upravlinnia Verkhovnoho Komisara Oon U Spravakh Bizhentsiv -- See Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  1
 Upright Piano -- See Piano  1
 Upright Walking -- See Bipedalism  1
Uprising 1652 1653 Bordeaux Aquitaine France History : Available  c19931
Uprising 1848 Galicia Poland And Ukraine History : Available  c20071
Uprising 1876 Bulgaria History : Available  19631
Uprising 1944 Slovakia History Pictorial Works : Available  19741
Uprising 1944 Warsaw Poland History 2
Uprising 1944 Warsaw Poland History Drama 2
Uprising 1944 Warsaw Poland History Personal Narratives Jewish : Library Use Only  19891
Uprising 1992 1993 Abkhazia Georgia History Drama : Available  20151
Uprising Of 1809 Tyrol Austria History Fiction : Available  19051
Uprising Of 1848 1849 Hungary History : Available  c20011
 Uprisings Peasant -- See Peasant uprisings

--names of specific uprisings, e.g. Jacquerie, 1358; Peasants' War, 1626
 Ups -- See Union progressiste sénégalaise  1
Upside Down Books 2
Upside Down Books Specimens 4
Upstate New York N Y Fiction 2
Upstate New York N Y Social Life And Customs Juvenile Fiction : Display Circulating  20191
 Uptake Inhibitors Serotonin -- See Serotonin uptake inhibitors  1
Upturned Face Crane Stephen 1871 1900 : Available  19871
 Upward Feedback Rating Of Employees -- See 360-degree feedback (Rating of employees)
Here are entered works on the procedure whereby the performance of an employee is evaluated by combining impressions of a wide range of people who have first-hand knowledge of the employee's performance, such as managers, subordinates, coworkers, customers, etc.
 Uqlidis -- See Euclid  1
 Ur Ancient City -- See Ur (Extinct city)  1
Ur Extinct City 2
 Ur Of The Chaldees Extinct City -- See Ur (Extinct city)  1
Uraba Gulf Of Region Banana Trade Colombia History 20th Century : Available  c20051
 Urad Un Mergen Gegen Lubsangdambijalsan 1717 1766 -- See Lubsangdambijalsan, Mergen Gegen, 1717-1766  1
Urad Zhongqi Buddhism China History : Available   1
Urad Zhongqi China Religious Life And Customs : Available   1
Urad Zhongqi Monastic And Religious Life Buddhism China : Available   1
 Uraemia -- See Uremia  1
 Ural Altaic Peoples -- See Also the narrower term Pan-Turanianism  1
Urania Nella Quale Si Contiene Lamore Duna Giovane Di Tal Nome Bigolina Giulia 1569 English And Ital : Available  c20111
Uraninite Colorado Jefferson County : Available  19561
Uranium 6
Uranium As Fuel 2
Uranium As Fuel History 20th Century : Available  20091
Uranium Enrichment History 20th Century : Available  20131
Uranium Environmental Aspects : Available  c19991
Uranium History : Display Circulating  c20091
Uranium Juvenile Fiction 4
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