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LEADER 00000cam 22000004a 4500 001 540143437 003 OCoLC 005 20101119160601.0 008 100405s2010 enka b 001 0 eng 010 2010014633 020 9780521765220 020 0521765226 035 (OCoLC)540143437 040 DLC|cDLC|dUKM|dERASA|dBWK|dC#P|dCDX|dBWX|dYDXCP|dSTF|dPUL |dCOO 042 pcc 043 e-uk-en 049 CCXC 050 00 PR3071|b.P48 2010 100 1 Petersen, Lene B. 245 10 Shakespeare's errant texts :|btextual form and linguistic style in Shakespearean 'bad' quartos and co-authored plays /|cLene B. Petersen. 260 Cambridge ;|aNew York :|bCambridge University Press, |c2010. 300 xx, 310 p. :|bill. ;|c24 cm. 504 Includes bibliographical references and index. 505 0 Oral-memorial transmission and the formation of Shakespeare's texts -- The Elizabethan dramatic industry and industrious Shakespeare -- Decomposing the text: oral transmission and the theory of the Zielform -- The popular play and the popular ballad: evidence of 'Quarto mechanics' in the multiple texts of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet -- Conclusion -- Recomposing the author: some tools for positioning the role of the playwright in dramatic transmission -- Introduction to quantitative textual analysis: computational stylistics, cognition and the missing author -- Stylometry and textual multiplicity I: contextual stylistics and the case of Titus Andronicus -- Stylometry and textual multiplicity II: testing the grading between authorship and 'orality' in the scenes of Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet -- Conclusion -- Appendix I. Scenic units in Q1 Hamlet/Der Bestrafte Brudermord and Romeo and Juliet/Romio und Julietta -- Appendix II. 'Meet it is I set it downe': verbal evidence of quarto mechanics in the short versions of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet -- Appendix III. Table of results for discriminant analysis on 257 plays, using 50 principal components -- Appendix IV. Examples of principal component scree plots for three- text Hamlet by scenes and three-text Romeo and Juliet by scenes. 520 "If more than half of Shakespeare's texts survive in more than one version, and an increasing number of his texts appear to have been co-authored with other playwrights, how do we define what constitutes a 'Shakespearean text'? Recent studies have proposed answers to this crucial question by investigating 'memorial reconstruction' and co -authorship, yet significantly they have not yet considered properly the many formal and stylistic synergies, interchanges and reciprocities between oral/ memorial and authorial composition, and the extent to which these factors are traceable in the surviving playtexts of the period. It is precisely these synergies that this book investigates, making this site of interaction between actorly and authorial input its primary focus. Petersen proposes new quantitative methodologies for approaching form and style in Shakespearean texts. The book's main case studies are Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and Titus Andronicus - plays drawn from the middle of Shakespeare's working career"-- |cProvided by publisher. 590 Gift of the Estate of Norman Wilkinson. 600 10 Shakespeare, William,|d1564-1616|xCriticism, Textual. 600 10 Shakespeare, William,|d1564-1616|xAuthorship |xCollaboration. 650 0 Playwriting|xHistory|y16th century. 650 0 Playwriting|xHistory|y17th century. 650 0 Transmission of texts|zEngland|xHistory|y16th century. 650 0 Transmission of texts|zEngland|xHistory|y17th century. 650 0 English drama|yEarly modern and Elizabethan, 1500-1600 |xCriticism, Textual. 650 0 English drama|y17th century|xCriticism, Textual. 856 41 |u 2010014633-t.html|zview table of contents
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