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LEADER 00000cam 2200000 a 4500 001 633146547 003 OCoLC 005 20111216130753.0 008 100525s2010 enk b 001 0 eng 010 2010022033 020 9780521767040 (hbk.) 020 0521767040 (hbk.) 020 9780521152204 (pbk. : alk. paper) 020 0521152208 (pbk. : alk. paper) 035 (OCoLC)633146547 040 DLC|cDLC|dYDX|dYDXCP|dCDX|dUKM|dBWK|dBWX|dCOO|dPUL|dTOZ |dUKMGB|dMIX 042 pcc 049 CCXC 050 00 K3242|b.N543 2010 100 1 Niezen, Ronald. 245 10 Public justice and the anthropology of law /|cRonald Niezen. 260 Cambridge, UK ;|aNew York :|bCambridge University Press, |c2010. 300 xiv, 254 p. ;|c24 cm. 490 1 New departures in anthropology 504 Includes bibliographical references (p. 235-244) and index. 505 0 The imagined order -- The power of persons unknown -- Cultural lobbying -- The invention of indigenous peoples - - Civilizing a divided world -- Reconciliation -- Juridification. 520 "In this powerful, timely study Ronald Niezen examines the processes by which cultural concepts are conceived and collective rights are defended in international law. Niezen argues that cultivating support on behalf of those experiencing human rights violations often calls for strategic representations of injustice and suffering to distant audiences. The positive impulse behind public responses to political abuse can be found in the satisfaction of justice done. But the fact that oppressed peoples and their supporters from around the world are competing for public attention is actually a profound source of global difference, stemming from differential capacities to appeal to a remote, unknown public. Niezen's discussion of the impact of public opinion on law provides fresh insights into the importance of legally-constructed identity and the changing pathways through which it is being shaped - crucial issues for all those with an interest in anthropology, politics and human rights law" - - provided by publisher. 650 0 Indigenous peoples|xLegal status, laws, etc.|xSocial aspects. 650 0 Human rights|xSocial aspects. 650 0 Public opinion. 650 0 Law and anthropology. 830 0 New departures in anthropology. 910 sp 201201
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