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LEADER 00000cam 2200000 a 4500 001 495880789 003 OCoLC 005 20130912103304.0 008 100129s2010 nyuacf b 001 0aeng 010 2010003497 020 9781439191057 020 1439191050 020 9781416591863 020 1416591869 020 9781439166581 020 1439166587 035 (OCoLC)495880789|z(OCoLC)317923501|z(OCoLC)732738839 040 DLC|beng|cDLC|dYDX|dBUR|dYW6|dYDXCP|dMOF|dLMR|dDEBBG|dVP@ |dBWX|dCDX|dCWS|dBDX|dKEC|dTTU|dWIM 043 n-us--- 049 CCXC 050 00 E840.8.R68|bA3 2010 100 1 Rove, Karl. 245 10 Courage and consequence :|bmy life as a conservative in the fight /|cKarl Rove. 250 1st Threshold Editions hardcover ed. 260 New York :|bThreshold Editions,|c2010. 300 xi, 596 p., [16] p. of plates :|bill., ports. ;|c24 cm. 504 Includes bibliographical references and index. 505 00 |tPrologue :|tThe road to history --|tA broken family on the western front --|tKing of the college Republicans -- |tPlanting roots in Texas --|tWhat is a Rovian campaign? - -|tConquering Texas --|tA new kind of governor -- |tGlimmers of the White House --|tThe grand plan --|tStung by New Hampshire, rescued by South Carolina --|tThe big Mo' --|tThe Cheney choice --|tDerailed by a DUI --|tThirty -six days in hell --|tThe real West wing --|tThinking big --|t9/11 --|tGround zero --|tStriking back --|tWhat bipartisanship? --|tJoe Wilson's attack --|tBush was right on Iraq --|tThe special prosecutor and me --|tGetting ready for Kerry --|tDrugs and marriage --|tTrapping Kerry, making peace with McCain --|tSuspense and victory --|tThe Democrats unleashed --|tAnything for a scalp --|tKatrina - -|tRepublicans on the run --|tThe surge --|tYes, it was fun --|tLeaving the White House --|tRove : the myth -- |tEpilogue. 520 From the moment he set foot on it, Karl Rove has rocked America's political stage. He ran the national College Republicans at 22, and turned a Texas dominated by Democrats into a bastion for Republicans. He launched George W. Bush to national renown by unseating a popular Democratic governor, and then orchestrated a GOP White House win at a time when voters had little reason to throw out the incumbent party. For engineering victory after unlikely victory, Rove became known as "the Architect." Because of his success, Rove has been attacked his entire career, accused of everything from campaign chicanery to ideological divisiveness. In this frank memoir, Rove responds to critics, passionately articulates his political philosophy, and defends the choices he made on the campaign trail and in the White House.--From publisher description. 590 Gift of Dr. Gary Jason. 600 10 Rove, Karl. 600 10 Bush, George W.|q(George Walker),|d1946- 610 20 Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )|vBiography. 650 0 Political consultants|zUnited States|vBiography. 650 0 Political campaigns. 651 0 United States|xPolitics and government|y1993-2001. 651 0 United States|xPolitics and government|y2001-2009. 910 js 201309
 2nd FL Humanities Library Books
 E840.8.R68 A3 2010 
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