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Ad settings
Ad settings
The settings on this page allow you to choose the data that Microsoft can use to personalize the ads you see.
See ads that interest you
We’ll use data from your searches and other online activity associated with this browser to show you ads that are more personalized. Ads you see may be less relevant if you turn off this setting. Even if you turn off this setting, you may still see personalized ads from other companies based on information they’ve collected from you. For more info, see Questions.
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Manage personalized ads on your device
You can choose whether ads that appear in apps on your devices are personalized by changing your privacy settings. Follow the steps for your device to find out how.
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
iOS and Android devices
What are personalized ads?
Why does Microsoft show personalized ads?
How does Microsoft deliver personalized ads?
How is my list of interests populated?
How do I stop seeing personalized ads from other companies and ad networks?
How do I set up my browser so I stop seeing personalized ads?
When does Microsoft use your Microsoft Edge browsing activity for advertising?
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