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Add your logo, with foil, ink, or heat stamping
Shiny gold or silver page edges
Ribbon bookmarks in dozens of colors
Bright white paper and readable Comfort Print®
Flexible, soft, lay-flat cover in contemporary and classic colors
Add your church's information to custom pages
Print a full graphic on a durable hardcover
Add a wrap or slip cover
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.   Can I create a cover design that matches my ministry's branding?
A.   Yes, we provide the template and the artwork guidelines for submitting your art/logo.
Q.   What are the payment options?
A.   We accept all major credit cards, and offer invoiced billing and sales-tax exemption for qualifying customers.
Q.   How much do custom Bibles cost?
A.   We have a wide range of options, from very simple and inexpensive to very elaborate and more costly. Generally, because print quantities are lower for custom, a custom Bible is going to be more expensive than the equivalent non-customized Bible in stock at Our Ministry Resource Specialists will walk you through all the options and help you create a Bible that is perfect for you ministry and fits your budget.
Q.   I have a diverse ministry with multiple languages. Do you offer any other languages for the Bible?
A.   We can customize Bibles for your ministry in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Russian, French, Swedish, Tagalog, Kiswahili, German, and Korean.
Q.   Can I get a person's name imprinted?
A.   Unfortunately, we do not imprint individual names. The minimum order is 100 Bibles, and we can only print one name or logo on the entire order.
Q.   My church is planning to run The Story or Believe church campaign. Can we customize the campaign materials?
A.   Yes, our Ministry Resources Specialists can help you customize the entire campaign. Fill out the form below or call 800-727-3480 and we will walk through the options with you.
Q.   Why can't I order less than 100 custom Bibles?
A.   Due to the manufacturing setup costs involved in creating a custom Bible, 100 Bibles is the point at which customizing becomes affordable. Economies of scale enable us to offer lower pricing as the quantity of Bibles increases. Our Ministry Resource Specialists are here help you plan your ministry needs, navigate the options, and work with you on billing and delivery to help you maximize your ministry and minimize your spend.  
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Our Ministry Resource Specialists are available to help you 9 am to 6 pm Eastern time, Monday-Friday. Call, email, or fill out this form for questions, bulk pricing, tax exemption, and customization options!
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