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Baksheesh or Bribe: Payments to Government Officials and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
by Frank J. Cavico, Bahaudin G. Mujtaba
"... Globalization of the economy is accelerating, international competition is increasing, and U.S. businesses, and not just “big business, ” are venturing into foreign markets; and consequently are encountering often vary challenging multi-cultural business environments. One aspect of “going global ” i ..."
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by Jean-paul Azam, Bernard Gauthier, Jonathan Goyette , 2009
"... This paper investigates the effect of monitoring bureaucrats, red tape and firm’s bargaining power on the incidence of tax evasion and the ensuing consequences in terms of tax revenues and bribe payments. We first model a situation where bureaucrats are homogeneous and have complete bargaining power ..."
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Who Must Pay Bribes and How Much? Evidence from a cross-section of firms
by Jakob Svensson, Roberta Gatti, Dani Kaufinann, Aart Kraay, Stefan Palmqvist, Tomten Persson, Ritva Reinikka, Susan Rose-ackerman, Andrei Shleifer, David Strmberg , 2000
"... This paper exploits an unique data set on corruption containing information on estimated bribe payments of Ugandan firms. To guide the empirical analysis a simple rent-extortion model is developed. The model yields predictions on both the incidence of bribery and the amount paid, and both predic ..."
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i Bribe Incidence in Transition Economies: Does Foreign Ownership matter?*
by Simin Seury
"... This paper attempts to trace out empirically the causal relationship between bribing, foreign ownership structure and firm’s ability in corrupt practices for the small and medium sized enterprises in the transition economies. Using a wide range of explanatory variables along with host-specific contr ..."
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Ownership, Competition, and Corruption: Bribe Takers versus Bribe Payers
by George R. G. Clarke, Lixin Colin Xu , 2002
"... Over the past few years, many studies have looked the macroeconomic, cultural and institutional determinants of corruption. This study complements these existing cross-country studies by focusing on microeconomic factors that affect bribes paid in a single sector of the economy. Using enterprise-lev ..."
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Privatization, Competition, and Corruption: How Characteristics of Bribe Takers and Payers Affect Bribes to Utilities
by George R.G. Clarke, George R. G, Clarke, Lixin Colin Xu , 2003
"... Many recent studies have looked at the macroeconomic, cultural and institutional determinants of corruption at the cross-national level. Using enterprise-level data on bribes paid to utilities in 21 transition economies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, we examine how characteristics of the utilit ..."
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Does ’Grease Money’ Speed Up the Wheels of Commerce?" NBER Working Paper No
by Daniel Kaufmann, Shang-jin Wei - Foreign Direct Investment and the Operations of Multinational Firms: Concepts, History, and Data," NBER working Paper No. 8665 , 1999
"... Pablo Zoido-Lobaton and Greg Dorchak for efficient research and editorial assistance. We thank particularly Mark Shankerman and Jakob Svensson for very useful suggestions to improve the model. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this paper are entirely those of the authors. T ..."
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Bribecaster: Documenting Bribes Through Community Participation
by Manas Mittal, Wei Wu, Steve Rubin, Sam Madden, Björn Hartmann
"... Corruption is endemic in many emerging economies – many transactions of private citizens with government institutions require payment of bribes. While well known as a general phenomenon, specific data about the “bribe economy ” are hard to come by. But such data are needed for rational responses to ..."
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Are Corruption and Taxation Really Harmful to Growth? Firm Level Evidence
by Raymond Fisman, Jakob Svensson - Policy Research Working Paper 2485. World Bank, Development Research Group , 2000
"... Exploiting a unique data set containing information on the estimated bribe payments of Ugandan firms, we study the relationship between bribery payments, taxes and firm growth over the period 1995-97. Using industry-location averages to circumvent the potential problem of endogeneity, and to deal ..."
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Harvard University
by Sandra Sequeira, Simeon Djankov, Jim Alt, Jenny Aker, Robert Bates, Marianne Bertr, Pedro Bordalo, Ray Fisman, Caroline Freund, Ernesto Lopez-de-cordoba, David Lynch, Sendhil Mullainathan, Ben Olken, Rohini P, Shang Jin-wei, Erin Strumpf, Jakob Svensson, Eric Werker, Richard Zeckhauser , 2009
"... We generate an original dataset on bribe payments at two competing ports in Southern Africa that allows us to take an unusually close look at the relationship between bureaucratic organization, bribe-setting behavior and the costs corruption imposes on users of public services. We find that bureaucr ..."
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Results 1 - 10 of 58
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