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Consequences of bribery on the Iranian economy
by Behnam Akbari, Arsalan Ashrafi, Hamed Ansari Moghadam
"... Abstract: Bribery, as clear example of economic crimes, has an undeniable impact on the economy of all countries. It directly or indirectly damages the domestic and foreign parts of a country's economy through underlying for committing other crimes such as customs offenses, good and currency sm ..."
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Are Corruption and Taxation Really Harmful to Growth? Firm Level Evidence
by Raymond Fisman, Jakob Svensson - Policy Research Working Paper 2485. World Bank, Development Research Group , 2000
"... Exploiting a unique data set containing information on the estimated bribe payments of Ugandan firms, we study the relationship between bribery payments, taxes and firm growth over the period 1995-97. Using industry-location averages to circumvent the potential problem of endogeneity, and to deal ..."
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A network-based rating system and its resistance to bribery
by Umberto Grandi , Paolo Turrini
"... Abstract We study a rating system in which a set of individuals (e.g., the customers of a restaurant) evaluate a given service (e.g, the restaurant), with their aggregated opinion determining the probability of all individuals to use the service and thus its generated revenue. We explicitly model t ..."
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Deciding to bribe: A cross-level analysis of firm and home country influences on bribery activity
by Kelly D. Martin, John B. Cullen, Jean L. Johnson, K. Praveen Parboteeah - Academy of Management Journal , 2007
"... Local firms in their home countries often engage in behavior that constitutes corrup-tion, at least through some cultural lenses. One such practice is bribery of public officials. This study uses multilevel theory to address the question of why bribery activity of this type differs among countries. ..."
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To Give In or Not To Give In To Bribery​? Setting the Optimal Fines for Violations of Rules when the Enforcers are Likely to Ask for Bribes1
by Gorkem Celik, Serdar Sayan , 2005
"... In this paper, we develop a model of law enforcement with the possibility of corruption between the enforcer and the potential offender. We study how the violation rate changes with the level of the fine imposed on violations. We show that there is always equilibrium violation regardless of the fine ..."
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Asymmetric Punishment as an Instrument of Corruption Control
by Karna Basu , Kaushik Basu , Tito Cordella , Karna Basu , York Kaushik Basu , Tito
"... Abstract The control of bribery is a policy objective in many developing countries. It has been argued that asymmetric punishments could reduce bribery by incentivizing whistle-blowing. This paper investigates the role played by asymmetric punishment in a setting where bribe size is determined by N ..."
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Countries Fighting More against Corruption Possess Higher GDP Growth Rates
by Boris Podobnik , Jia Shao , Djuro Njavro , Plamen Ch , Ivanov , H Eugene Stanley
"... Abstract In order to investigate whether government regulations against corruption can affect the country growth, we analyze foreign direct investments received by world countries and find a statistically significant power-law functional dependence between foreign direct investment per capita and t ..."
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Article Here Is a Tip: Prosocial Gratuities Are Linked to Corruption
by Magnus Thor Torfason, Francis J. Flynn, Daniella Kupor
"... We investigated the link between tipping, an altruistic act, and bribery, an immoral act. We found a positive relationship between these two seemingly unrelated behaviors, using archival cross-national data for 32 countries, and controlling for per capita gross domestic product, income inequality, a ..."
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The Accuracy of Collective Decision Rules in a Noisy and Corrupt Environment FIRST DRAFT!
by Peter Bodo
"... How do noise and bribery affect the accuracy of collective decision rules? This paper presents simulation results that measure the accuracy of ten well known collective decision rules under noise and bribery. When noise is low these rules can be divided into accurate ("good") and inaccurat ..."
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The Cost of Doing Business: Firms' Experience with Corruption
by Jakob Svensson - Forthcoming. "Who Must Pay Bribes and How , 2001
"... Corruption is perceived by firms in Uganda to be one of the most serious impediments to conducting business. Despite this, little is known about the incidence and cost of corruption in the private sector, nor about its effect on firm performance. A major reason for the lack of information is the fac ..."
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