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Modeling Strategic Relationships for Process Reengineering
by Eric Siu-kwong Yu , 1995
"... Existing models for describing a process (such as a business process or a software development process) tend to focus on the \what " or the \how " of the process. For example, a health insurance claim process would typically be described in terms of a number of steps for assessing and appr ..."
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Approximate Signal Processing
by S. Hamid Nawab, Alan V. Oppenheim, Anantha P. Chandrakasan, Joseph M. Winograd, Jeffrey T. Ludwig , 1997
"... It is increasingly important to structure signal processing algorithms and systems to allow for trading off between the accuracy of results and the utilization of resources in their implementation. In any particular context, there are typically a variety of heuristic approaches to managing these tra ..."
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Singularity Detection And Processing With Wavelets
by Stephane Mallat, Wen Liang Hwang - IEEE Transactions on Information Theory , 1992
"... Most of a signal information is often found in irregular structures and transient phenomena. We review the mathematical characterization of singularities with Lipschitz exponents. The main theorems that estimate local Lipschitz exponents of functions, from the evolution across scales of their wavele ..."
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A case study of open source software development​: the Apache server
by Audris Mockus, Roy T. Fielding, James Herbsleb - In: Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2000 , 2000
"... According to its proponents, open source style software development has the capacity to compete successfully, and perhaps in many cases displace, traditional commercial development methods. In order to begin investigating such claims, we examine the development process of a major open source applica ..."
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The Valuation of Options for Alternative Stochastic Processes
by John C. Cox, Stephen A. Ross - Journal of Financial Economics , 1976
"... This paper examines the structure of option valuation problems and develops a new technique for their solution. It also introduces several jump and diffusion processes which have nol been used in previous models. The technique is applied lo these processes to find explicit option valuation formulas, ..."
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A Sense of Self for Unix Processes
by Stephanie Forrest, Steven A. Hofmeyr, Anil Somayaji, Thomas A. Longstaff - In Proceedings of the 1996 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy , 1996
"... A method for anomaly detection is introduced in which "normal" is defined by short-range correlations in a process ' system calls. Initial experiments suggest that the definition is stable during normal behavior for standard UNIX programs. Further, it is able to detect several common ..."
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Romantic Love Conceptualized as an Attachment Process​,”
by Cindy Hazan , Phillip Shaver , Mary Ainsworth , John Bowlby , Harry Gollob , Kirk-Patrick Lee , Roger Kobak , Anne Peplau , Harry Reis , Judith Schwartz , Ar-Lene Skolnick , Robert Sternberg - Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, , 1987
"... This article explores the possibility that romantic love is an attachment process--a biosocial process by which affectional bonds are formed between adult lovers, just as affectional bonds are formed earlier in life between human infants and their parents. Key components of attachment theory, devel ..."
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A theory of social comparison processes​,”
by Leon Festinger - Human Relations, , 1954
"... In this paper we shall present a further development of a previously published theory concerning opinion influence processes in social groups (7). This further development has enabled us to extend the theory to deal with other areas, in addition to opinion formation, in which social comparison is i ..."
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Controlled and automatic human information processing
by Walter Schneider, Richard M. Shiffrin - I. Detection, search, and attention. Psychological Review , 1977
"... A two-process theory of human information processing is proposed and applied to detection, search, and attention phenomena. Automatic processing is activa-tion of a learned sequence of elements in long-term memory that is initiated by appropriate inputs and then proceeds automatically—without subjec ..."
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Economic Reform and the Process of Global Integration
by Jeffrey D. Sachs, Andrew Warner - Brookings Papers on Economic Activity , 1995
"... world economy roughly accorded with the idea of three distinct economic systems: a capitalist first world, a socialist second world, and a developing third world which aimed for a middle way between the first two. The third world was characterized not only by its low levels of per capita GDP, but al ..."
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Results 1 - 10 of 238,728
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