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Law, Finance and Firm Growth
by Asli Demirgüc-Kunt, Vojislav Maksimovic - Journal of Finance , 1998
"... We investigate how differences in legal and financial systems affect firms' use of external financing to fund growth. We show that in countries whose legal systems score high on an efficiency index, a greater proportion of firms use long-term external financing. An active, though not necessaril ..."
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Firm Growth, Innovation
by Bettina Peters, Bernhard Dachs, Martina Dünser, Martin Hud, Christian Köhler, Christian Rammer, Bettina Peters, Bernhard Dachs, Martina Dünser, Martin Hud, Christian Köhler, Christian Rammer
"... Firm Growth, Innovation and the Business Cycle Background Report for the 2014 Competitiveness Report ..."
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Bank Competition and Firm​Growth in the Enlarged European Union
by Gábor Pellényi, Tamás Borkó , 2009
"... Bank competition and firm growth in the ..."
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Tobins Q, corporate diversification and firm performance
by Larry H. P. Lang, René M. Stulz , 1993
"... In this paper, we show that Tobin's q and firm diversification are negatively related. This negative relation holds for different diversification measures and when we control for other known determinants of q. We show further that diversified firms have lower q's than equivalent portfolios ..."
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Finance and growth: Theory and evidence
by Ross Levine , 2004
"... This paper reviews, appraises, and critiques theoretical and empirical research on the connections between the operation of the financial system and economic growth. While subject to ample qualifications and countervailing views, the preponderance of evidence suggests that both financial intermedia ..."
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Aggregate Fluctuations and the Cross-sectional Dynamics of Firm​Growth
by Sean Holly, Ivan Petrella, Emiliano Santoro, Sean Hollyy, Ivan Petrellaz, Emiliano Santorox , 2011
"... Aggregate fluctuations and the cross-sectional dynamics of firm growth by ..."
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Exceptional Exporter Performance: Cause, Effect or Both
by Andrew B. Bernard, J. Bradford Jensen - Journal of International Economics , 1999
"... A growing body of empirical work has documented the superior performance characteristics of exporting plants and firms relative to non-exporters. Employment, shipments, wages, productivity and capital intensity are all higher at exporters at any given moment. This paper asks whether good firms becom ..."
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The impact of trade on Intra-Industry reallocations and aggregate industry productivity.
by Marc J Melitz - Econometrica, , 2003
"... This paper develops a dynamic industry model with heterogeneous firms to analyze the intra-industry effects of international trade. The model shows how the exposure to trade will induce only the more productive firms to enter the export market (while some less productive firms continue to produce o ..."
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Do investment-cash flow sensitivities provide useful measures of financing constraints?
by Steven N. Kaplan, Luigi Zingales - QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS , 1997
"... No. This paper investigates the relationship between financing constraints and investment-cash flow sensitivities by analyzing the firms identified by Fazzari, Hubbard, and Petersen as having unusually high investment-cash flow sensitivities. We find that firms that appear less financially constra ..."
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Firm Growth in Multinational Corporate Groups
by Harald Oberhofer, Michael Pfaffermayr , 2008
"... This paper formulates an econometric firm growth model that explicitly accounts for the interdependence of firm performance within corporate networks and is in line with several economic theories on firm growth. We estimate the model for national and multinational corporate groups (MNEs) using a rec ..."
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Results 1 - 10 of 7,713
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