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Firm-level Theory and Evidence
by Centro Studi, Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Alessandro Sembenelli, Centro Studi Luca D’agliano, Giorgio Barba Navaretti , 2008
"... Firm-level theory and evidence ..."
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Offshoring and Immigrant Employment: Firm-level theory and evidence
by Giorgio Barba Navaretti (i, Alessandro Sembenelli (ii, Jel F J , 2007
"... Abstract: We analyze a large sample of Italian firms where information is available on both immigrant employment and production offshoring. We propose and solve a simple model of firm-level decisions to offshore production stages of lower skill intensity than that of activities that remain in the do ..."
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by Gonzague Vannoorenberghe , Zheng Wang , Zhihong Yu
"... Abstract We show using detailed firm-level Chinese data that, among small exporters, firms selling to a more diversified set of countries have more volatile exports, while the opposite holds among large exporters. This result, which stands in marked contrast to standard portfolio theory for small e ..."
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unknown title
by Immigrant Employment, Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Alessandro Sembenelli , 2006
"... Firm-level theory and evidence ..."
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by James R. Tybout , 2001
"... By relaxing the assumption of perfect competition, the “new” trade theory has generated a rich body of predictions concerning the effects of commercial policy on price-cost mark-ups, firm sizes, exports, productivity and profitability among domestic producers. This paper critically assesses the plan ..."
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Motivation through the Design of Work: Test of a Theory. Organizational Behavior and Human Performance,
by ] Richard Hackman , Grec R Oldham , 1976
"... A model is proposed that specifies the conditions under which individuals will become internally motivated to perform effectively on their jobs. The model focuses on the interaction among three classes of variables: (a) the psychological states of employees that must be present for internally motiv ..."
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The sources and consequences of embeddedness for the economic performance of organizations: The network effect
by Brian Uzzi - American Sociological Review , 1996
"... In this paper, I attempt to advance the concept of embeddedness beyond the level of a programmatic statement by developing a formulation that specifies how embeddedness and network structure affect economic action. On the basis of existing theory and original ethnographies of 23 apparel firms, I dev ..."
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Social capital, intellectual capital, and the organizational advantage
by Janine Nahapiet - Academy of Management Review , 1998
"... Scholars of the theory of the firm have begun to emphasize the sources and conditions of what has been described a s "the organizational advantage, " rather than focus on the causes and consequences of market failure. Typically, researchers see such organizational advantage a s accruing fr ..."
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Theory and Firm-Level Evidence
by Susanto Basu, Luigi Pascali, Fabio Schiantarelli, Luis Serven, Susanto Basu, Luigi Pascali, Fabio Schiantarelli, Luis Serven , 2009
"... (ii) development of ..."
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Theory and Firm-level Evidence
by Peter Egger, Christian Keuschnigg, Hannes Winner, Peter Egger, Christian Keuschnigg, Hannes Winner , 2009
"... An electronic version of the paper may be downloaded • from the SSRN website: • from the RePEc website: • from the CESifo website: T CESifo Working Paper No. 2685 ..."
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Results 1 - 10 of 1,894
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