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Rough Sets.
by Zdzis Law Pawlak , George Allen , Unwin , ; W W London , New Norton , York - Int. J. of Information and Computer Sciences , 1982
"... Abstract. This article presents some general remarks on rough sets and their place in general picture of research on vagueness and uncertainty -concepts of utmost interest, for many years, for philosophers, mathematicians, logicians and recently also for computer scientists and engineers particular ..."
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Statistical Comparisons of Classifiers over Multiple Data Sets
by Janez Demsar , 2006
"... While methods for comparing two learning algorithms on a single data set have been scrutinized for quite some time already, the issue of statistical tests for comparisons of more algorithms on multiple data sets, which is even more essential to typical machine learning studies, has been all but igno ..."
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CURE: An Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Large Data sets
by Sudipto Guha, Rajeev Rastogi, Kyuseok Shim - Published in the Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD Conference , 1998
"... Clustering, in data mining, is useful for discovering groups and identifying interesting distributions in the underlying data. Traditional clustering algorithms either favor clusters with spherical shapes and similar sizes, or are very fragile in the presence of outliers. We propose a new clustering ..."
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Estimating standard errors in finance panel data sets: comparing approaches.
by Mitchell A Petersen - Review of Financial Studies , 2009
"... Abstract In both corporate finance and asset pricing empirical work, researchers are often confronted with panel data. In these data sets, the residuals may be correlated across firms and across time, and OLS standard errors can be biased. Historically, the two literatures have used different solut ..."
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Data networks
by L. Verger G, E. Gros D'aillon G, P. Major H, G. Németh H , 1992
"... a b s t r a c t In this paper we illustrate the core technologies at the basis of the European SPADnet project (www., and present the corresponding first results. SPADnet is aimed at a new generation of MRI-compatible, scalable large area image sensors, based on CMOS technology, that are ..."
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Data Security
by Dorothy E. Denning, Peter J. Denning , 1979
"... The rising abuse of computers and increasing threat to personal privacy through data banks have stimulated much interest m the techmcal safeguards for data. There are four kinds of safeguards, each related to but distract from the others. Access controls regulate which users may enter the system and ..."
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Data Streams: Algorithms and Applications
by S. Muthukrishnan , 2005
"... In the data stream scenario, input arrives very rapidly and there is limited memory to store the input. Algorithms have to work with one or few passes over the data, space less than linear in the input size or time significantly less than the input size. In the past few years, a new theory has emerg ..."
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Implementing data cubes efficiently
by Venky Harinarayan, Anand Rajaraman, Jeffrey D. Ulman - In SIGMOD , 1996
"... Decision support applications involve complex queries on very large databases. Since response times should be small, query optimization is critical. Users typically view the data as multidimensional data cubes. Each cell of the data cube is a view consisting of an aggregation of interest, like total ..."
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Mining Association Rules between Sets of Items in Large Databases
"... We are given a large database of customer transactions. Each transaction consists of items purchased by a customer in a visit. We present an efficient algorithm that generates all significant association rules between items in the database. The algorithm incorporates buffer management and novel esti ..."
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Linked Data -- The story so far
by Christian Bizer, et al.
"... The term Linked Data refers to a set of best practices for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web. These best practices have been adopted by an increasing number of data providers over the last three years, leading to the creation of a global data space containing billions of assertion ..."
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Results 1 - 10 of 221,493
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