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Promoting the Use of End-to-End Congestion Control in the Internet
by Sally Floyd, Kevin Fall - IEEE/ACM TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORKING , 1999
"... This paper considers the potentially negative impacts of an increasing deployment of non-congestion-controlled best-effort traffic on the Internet.’ These negative impacts range from extreme unfairness against competing TCP traffic to the potential for congestion collapse. To promote the inclusion ..."
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Do Domestic Firms Benefit from Direct Foreign Investment? Evidence from Venezuela
by Brian J. Aitken, Ann E. Harrison - AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW , 1999
"... Governments often promote inward foreign investment to encourage technology “spillovers” from foreign to domestic firms. Using panel data on Venezuelan plants, we find that foreign equity participation is positively correlated with plant produc-tivity (the “own-plant” effect), but this relationship ..."
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LETTERS Negative impact of nitrogen deposition on
by William D. Bowman, Cory C. Cleveland, Jill, S. Baron , 2008
"... Anthropogenic nitrogen deposition over the past half century has had a detrimental impact on temperate ecosystems in Europe and North America, resulting in soil acidification and a reduction in plant biodiversity1,2. During the acidification process, soils release base cations, such as calcium and m ..."
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Second Basket’s Negative Impact
by unknown authors , 2008
"... Second Basket limits the circulation of sci-entific documents and will substantially reduce scientific communication among researchers. For example, libraries or other document providers may send copies elec-tronically (e.g., in PDF format) only if the publisher of a particular work does not itself ..."
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by H Pokladníková , F Toman , T Středa
"... ..."
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by Wouter Janssen, Inappropriate Or, Unauthorized State, Representing A Risk , 2007
"... • What is data leakage • Incident risk analysis • Business considerations & challenges • Data protection: a starting point • An approach for data protection • Questions & answers 2 ..."
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Robust negative impacts of climate change on African agriculture
by Wolfram Schlenker, David B Lobell - Environmental Research Letters , 2010
"... There is widespread interest in the impacts of climate change on agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and on the most effective investments to assist adaptation to these changes, yet the scientific basis for estimating production risks and prioritizing investments has been quite limited. Here we ..."
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Management News The Negative​Impact of a Negative Attitude
by John R. Pratt
"... person who is usually positive or one whoH is negative? That was the easy question.Now answer the tough one: how would your staff describe you? One of the worst possible attributes a manager can have-in home health care or in any other busi-ness-is a negative attitude. Yet it is one of the most comm ..."
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The Negative Impacts of Starting Middle School in Sixth Grade
by Philip J. Cook, Robert Maccoun, Clara Muschkin, Jacob Vigdor
"... Using administrative data on public school students in North Carolina, we find that sixth grade students attending middle schools are much more likely to be cited for discipline problems than those attending elementary school. That difference remains after adjusting for the socioeconomic and demogra ..."
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Open-Economy Inflation Targeting
by Lars E. O. Svensson , 1998
"... The paper extends previous analysis of closed-economy inflation targeting to a small open economy with forward-looking aggregate supply and demand with some microfoundations, and with stylized realistic lags in the different transmission channels for monetary policy. The paper compares targeting of ..."
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Results 1 - 10 of 22,540
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