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Percentage Point Change
by unknown authors
"... l. randall wray The Federal Reserve has done the inevitable. For months, members of the Board of Governors have been warning anyone who would listen that “the federal funds rate cannot be held at its current level indefinitely ” and must be raised “at some point to prevent pressures on price inflati ..."
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of Percentage Points of the Noncentral F Distribution
by John S. Chipman
"... We show how to to compute values and inverses (“percentage points”, or “cut-off points”) of the noncentral F and Beta distributions. The noncentral F distribution function for p and q degrees of freedom and noncentrality ..."
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Percentage Points from t or F Distributions
by M. C. Thompson Cytotax, R. Gamborg, W. A. Keller, M. H. Yang
"... soybean protoplasts. Can. J. Genet Cytol. 13:347-353, ..."
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A SAS/IML Macro for Computing Percentage Points of Pearson Distributions
by Wei Pan
"... The Pearson distribution family provides approximations to a wide variety of observed distributions using the first four moments or the first three moments with a left or right boundary. Curve fitting utilizing Pearson distributions has been extensively applied in many fields. However, in practice, ..."
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Tables of percentage points of the k-variate normal distribution for large values of k
by William C. Horrace - Communications in Statistics: Simulation & Computation , 1998
"... Key words: multivariate normal distribution; multiple comparisons; simultaneous confidence intervals This paper gives tabulations of the upper α percentage points of the maximum absolute value of the k-variate normal distribution with common correlation ρ for values of k as high as 500. The tables a ..."
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Estimating Wealth Effects without Expenditure Data— or Tears
by Deon Filmer, Lant Pritchett - Policy Research Working Paper 1980, The World , 1998
"... Abstract: We use the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) data collected in Indian states in 1992 and 1993 to estimate the relationship between household wealth and the probability a child (aged 6 to 14) is enrolled in school. A methodological difficulty to overcome is that the NFHS, modeled closely ..."
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MAFFT version 5: improvement in accuracy of multiple sequence alignment
by Kazutaka Katoh, Kei-ichi Kuma, Hiroyuki Toh, Takashi Miyata - NUCLEIC ACIDS RES , 2005
"... The accuracy of multiple sequence alignment pro-gram MAFFT has been improved. The new version (5.3) of MAFFT offers new iterative refinement options, H-INS-i, F-INS-i and G-INS-i, in which pairwise alignment information are incorporated into objective function. These new options of MAFFT showed high ..."
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by Afr M A Stephens Nsia-c, Michael A. Stephens, Michael A. Stephens , 1980
"... Approved for public release; distribution unlimited. ..."
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Printed in Great Britain Percentage​points of the extreme roots of a Wishart matrix
by R. Choudary Hanumara, W. A. Thompson
"... This paper tabulates the distribution of the largest and smallest characteristic roots of a Wishart matrix; the computation is based on an approximation derived from work of Pillai. As an application, we present simultaneous confidence intervals for the variance components of the two-way layout with ..."
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A Numerical Procedure for Computing Chi-Square Percentage​Points
by Waheed Babatunde Yahya, Philip Iyiola Farayola, Daniel Eni
"... In this work, a simpler algorithm for computing probability values of a Chi-square (χ2) random variable X is provided. This algorithm accurately provides comprehensive χ2 probability values for all the range of X at specified degrees of freedom without further need to extrapolate before some desired ..."
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Results 1 - 10 of 6,108
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