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Endogenous Growth Theory (1997)
by P Aghion, P Howitt
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It’s Not Factor Accumulation: Stylized Facts and Growth Models,” World Bank.
by William Easterly , Ross Levine , 2001
"... Abstract: We document five stylized facts of economic growth. (1) The "residual" rather than factor accumulation accounts for most of the income and growth differences across nations. (2) Income diverges over the long run. (3) Factor accumulation is persistent while growth is not persiste ..."
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Technical Change, Inequality, and The Labor Market
by Daron Acemoglu - Journal of Economic Literature , 2002
"... This essay discusses the effect of technical change on wage inequality. I argue that the behavior of wages and returns to schooling indicates that technical change has been skill-biased during the past sixty years. Furthermore, the recent increase in inequality is most likely due to an acceleration ..."
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International Technology Diffusion
by Wolfgang Keller , 2001
"... I discuss the concept and empirical importance of intemational technology diffusion from the point of view of recent work on endogenous technological change. In this literature, technologyis viewed as technological knowledge. I first review the maj or concepts, and how intemational technology diff ..."
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Learning About a New Technology: Pineapple
by Timothy G. Conley, Christopher R. Udry - Yale University , 2000
"... This paper investigates the role of social learning in the diffusion of a new agricultural technology in Ghana. We use unique data on farmers ’ communication patterns to define each individual’s information neighborhood, the set of others from whom he might learn. Our empirical strategy is to test w ..."
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Competition and innovation: an inverted U relationship
by Philippe Aghion, Nicholas Bloom, Richard Blundell, Rachel Griffith, Peter Howitt , 2002
"... This paper investigates the relationship between product market competition (PMC) and innovation. A growth model is developed in which competition may increase the incremental profit from innovating; on the other hand, competition may also reduce innovation incentives for laggards. There are four ke ..."
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Trade liberalization, exports and technology upgrading: evidence on the impact of MERCUSOR on Argentinean firms, American Economic Review, forthcoming
by Paula Bustos, Elsa V. Artadi, Thomas Chaney, Pascaline Dupas, Antara Dutta, Doireann Fitzgerald , 2010
"... This paper studies the impact of a regional free trade agreement, MERCOSUR, on technology upgrading by Argentinean firms. To guide empirical work, I introduce technology choice in Melitz’s (2003) model of trade with heterogeneous firms. The joint treatment of the technology adoption and exporting ch ..."
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National policies and economic growth: A reappraisal
by William Easterly , 2003
"... National economic policies ’ effects on growth were over-emphasized in the early literature on endogenous economic growth. Most of the early theoretical models of the new growth literature (and even their new neoclassical counterparts) predicted large policy effects, which was followed by empirical ..."
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Distance to Frontier, Selection and Economic Growth.” NBER Working Paper 9066
by Daron Acemoglu, Fabrizio Zilibotti , 2002
"... We analyze an economy where firms undertake both innovation and adoption of technologies from the world technology frontier. The selection of high-skill managers and firms is more important for innovation than for adoption. As the economy approaches the frontier, selection becomes more important. Co ..."
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The role of cognitive skills in economic development
by Eric A. Hanushek, Ludger Wößmann - JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC LITERATURE , 2008
"... ..."
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Labor- and Capital-Augmenting Technical Change
by Daron Acemoglu, I Thank Manuel Amador, Abhijit Banarjee, Olivier Blanchard , 2000
"... I analyze an economy in which pro...t-maximizing ...rms can undertake both laboror capital-augmenting technological improvements. In the long run, the economy looks like the standard growth model with purely labor-augmenting technical change, and the share of labor in GDP is constant. Along the tran ..."
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