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Political Order in Changing Societies (1968)
by Samuel P Huntington
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Culture in action: Symbols and strategies
by Ann Swidler - American Sociological Review, 1986
"... Culture influences action not by providing the ultimate values toward which action is oriented, but by shaping a repertoire or "tool kit " of habits, skills, and styles from which people construct "strategies of action. " Two models of cultural influence are developed, for settle ..."
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The causes of corruption: a cross-national study
by Daniel Treisman , 2000
"... Why is corruption — the misuse of public office for private gain — perceived to be more widespread in some countries than others? Different theories associate this with particular historical and cultural traditions, levels of economic development, political institutions, and government policies. Thi ..."
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Political instability and economic growth,
by Alberto Alesina , Sule Ozler , Phillip Swagel - Journal of Economic Growth , 1996
"... This paper investigates the relationship between political instability and per capita GDP growth in a sample of 113 countries for the period 1950 through 1982. We define political instability as the propensity of a government collapse, and we estimate a model in which such a measure of political in ..."
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Eight Questions about Corruption
"... Some years ago I interviewed the chief executive officer of a successful Thai manufacturing firm as part of a pilot survey project. While trying to figure out a good way to quantify the firm’s experience with government regulations and corruption in the foreign trade sector, the CEO exclaimed: “I ho ..."
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Property Rights, Corruption and the Allocation of Talent: A General Equilibrium Approach.” The Economic Journal 108
by Daron Acemoglu, Thierry Verdier, Daron Acemoglu, Thierry Verdier, Daron Acemoglu, Jel Classification D , 1998
"... working paper ..."
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The political economy of growth: A critical survey of the recent literature
by Alberto Alesina, Roberto Perotti - World Bank Economic Review , 1994
"... This article reviews the recent literature on the political economy of growth, focusing on the research that has developed at the intersection of the endogenous growth litera-ture and the new political economy. It explores the relationships amcng four key variables: economic growth and capital accum ..."
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Does ’Grease Money’ Speed Up the Wheels of Commerce?" NBER Working Paper No
by Daniel Kaufmann, Shang-jin Wei - Foreign Direct Investment and the Operations of Multinational Firms: Concepts, History, and Data," NBER working Paper No. 8665 , 1999
"... Pablo Zoido-Lobaton and Greg Dorchak for efficient research and editorial assistance. We thank particularly Mark Shankerman and Jakob Svensson for very useful suggestions to improve the model. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this paper are entirely those of the authors. T ..."
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The Social Requisites of Democracy Revisited
by Martin Lipset, Seymour Martin Lipset - American Sociological Review , 1994
"... Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use, available at. ..."
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Life During Growth
by William Easterly, Dean Jamison, Ross Levine, Norman Loayza, Aart Kraay, Paul Krugman, Martin Ravallion - Journal of Economic Growth , 1999
"... Abstract: A remarkable diversity of indicators shows quality of life across nations to be positively associated with per capita income. At the same time, the changes in quality of life as income grows are surprisingly uneven. Either in levels or changes, moreover, the effect of exogenous shifts over ..."
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Ethnicity, insurgency and civil war.
by James D Fearon , David D Laitin - American Political Science Review, , 2003
"... ABSTRACT An influential conventional wisdom holds that civil wars proliferated rapidly with the end of the Cold War and that the root cause of many or most of these has been ethnic nationalism. We show that the current prevalence of internal war is mainly the result of a steady accumulation of prot ..."
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