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An equilibrium queuing model of bribery. (1985)
by F T Lui
Journal of Political Economy
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Eight Questions about Corruption
"... Some years ago I interviewed the chief executive officer of a successful Thai manufacturing firm as part of a pilot survey project. While trying to figure out a good way to quantify the firm’s experience with government regulations and corruption in the foreign trade sector, the CEO exclaimed: “I ho ..."
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Does ’Grease Money’ Speed Up the Wheels of Commerce?" NBER Working Paper No
by Daniel Kaufmann, Shang-jin Wei - Foreign Direct Investment and the Operations of Multinational Firms: Concepts, History, and Data," NBER working Paper No. 8665 , 1999
"... Pablo Zoido-Lobaton and Greg Dorchak for efficient research and editorial assistance. We thank particularly Mark Shankerman and Jakob Svensson for very useful suggestions to improve the model. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this paper are entirely those of the authors. T ..."
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Public Expenditure, Corruption, and Economic Growth: The case of Italy
by Alfredo Del Monte, Erasmo Papagni
"... Public services and goods can provide relevant inputs to private productive activities. Modern States organize the production of these inputs on the basis of taxes collected from the community. When this process is affected by bureaucrats ’ corruption the efficiency of public expenditure decreases. ..."
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Privatization, Competition, and Corruption: How Characteristics of Bribe Takers and Payers Affect Bribes to Utilities
by George R.G. Clarke, George R. G, Clarke, Lixin Colin Xu , 2003
"... Many recent studies have looked at the macroeconomic, cultural and institutional determinants of corruption at the cross-national level. Using enterprise-level data on bribes paid to utilities in 21 transition economies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, we examine how characteristics of the utilit ..."
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Obtaining a driver’s license in India: an experimental approach to studying corruption
by Marianne Bertrand, Simeon Djankov, Rema Hanna, SENDHIL MULLAINATHAN - QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS , 2007
"... We study the allocation of driver’s licenses in India by randomly assigning applicants to one of three groups: bonus (offered a bonus for obtaining a license quickly), lesson (offered free driving lessons), or comparison. Both the bonus and lesson groups are more likely to obtain licenses. However, ..."
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Localization and Corruption: Panacea or a Pandora’s Box
by Tugrul Gurgur, Anwar Shah, World Bank - In Ehtisham Ahmad and Vito Tanzi, editors , Managing Fiscal Decentralization , 2002
"... This paper is intended as a tribute and personal thanks to Vito Tanzi who has been a source of inspiration for Anwar Shah’s research on governance and fiscal reform issues. Anwar Shah is grateful to Ehtisham Ahmed for commissioning this paper. The authors are grateful to John Macgregor and Teresa Th ..."
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Corruption, institutions, and economic development
by Toke S. Aidt, Toke S. Aidty - Oxford Review of Economic Policy , 2009
"... Many scholarly articles on corruption give the impression that the world is populated by two types of people: the "sanders " and the "greasers". The "sanders " believe that corruption is an obstacle to de-velopment, while the "greasers " believe that corruptio ..."
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Assessing the Effects of Corruption and Crime on Firm Performance: Evidence from Latin America,” Emerging Markets Review 3
by Alejandro Gaviria , 2002
"... This paper uses a survey of private firms to assess the effects of corruption upon the economic prospects of firms. The paper studies whether corruption and crime affects sales, investment and employment growth at the firm level, and whether bribes and illegal payments by firms reduce bureaucratic i ..."
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Voice or Public Sector Management?: An Empirical Investigation of Determinants of Public Sector Performance Based on a Survey of Public Officials
by Daniel Kaufmann, Gil Mehrez, Tugrul Gurgur , 2002
"... Drawing on an in-depth governance micro-survey of public officials within a country, we address empirically the question of the relative importance of the various determinants of governance. We investigate the causes of poor governance, and show that commonly made inferences about policy based on si ..."
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Corruption and Bilateral Trade Flows: Extortion or Evasion?
by Pushan Dutt, Daniel Traca , 2008
"... This paper analyzes the impact of corruption on bilateral trade flows, highlighting the dual role of corruption in terms of extortion and evasion. On one hand, corruption taxes trade, when corrupt customs officials in the importing country extort bribes from exporters (the extortion effect); on the ..."
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