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On the Size Distribution of Business Firms (0)
by Robert E Lucas
Bell Journal of Economics, Autumn 1978
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Aggregate Productivity Growth: Lessons from Microeconomic Evidence
by Lucia Foster, John Haltiwanger, C. J. Krizan , 2000
"... Recent research using establishment and firm level data has raised a variety of conceptual and measurement questions regarding our understanding of aggregate productivity growth. 1 Several key, related findings are of interest. First, there is large scale, ongoing reallocation of outputs and input ..."
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Understanding Productivity: Lessons from Longitudinal Microdata
by Eric J. Bartelsman, Mark Doms , 2000
"... This paper reviews research that uses longitudinal microdata to document productivity movements and to examine factors behind productivity growth. The research explores the dispersion of productivity across firms and establishments, the persistence of productivity differentials, the consequences of ..."
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Manufacturing Firms in Developing Countries: How Well do they do and Why
by James Tybout - Journal of Economic Literature , 2000
"... The manufacturing sectors of less developed countries (LDCs) have traditionally been relatively protected. They have also been subject to heavy regulation, much of which is biased in favor of large enterprises. Accordingly, it is often argued that manufacturers in these countries perform poorly in s ..."
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Measuring and explaining management practices across firms and countries
by Nick Bloom, John Van Reenen, George Baker, Eric Bartelsman, Oliver Hart, James Hines, Larry Katz, Eva Meyersson Milgrom, Attoinette Schoar, Kathryn Shaw, Andrei Shleifer, Dan Sichel, Jeremy Stein, John Sutton - CEP Discussion Paper No 716. Centre for Economic Performance London School of Economics and Political Science , 2006
"... Centre for Economic Performance and the LSE We use an innovative survey tool to collect management practice data from 732 medium sized manufacturing firms in the US and Europe (France, Germany and the UK). Our measures of managerial best practice are strongly associated with superior firm performanc ..."
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Do conglomerate firms allocate resources inefficiently across industries? Theory and evidence
by Vojislav Maksimovic, Gordon Phillips - JOURNAL OF FINANCE , 2002
"... We develop a profit-maximizing neoclassical model of optimal firm size and growth across different industries based on differences in industry fundamentals and firm productivity. In the model, a conglomerate discount is consistent with profit maximization. The model predicts how conglomerate firms w ..."
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The Firm as a Dedicated Hierarchy: A Theory of the Origins and Growth of Firms” The Quarterly
by Raghuram G. Rajan, Luigi Zingales - Journal of Economics , 2001
"... In the formative stages of their businesses, entrepreneurs have to provide incentives for employees to protect, rather than steal, the source of organizational rents. We study how the entrepreneur’s response to this problem determines the organization’s internal structure, growth, and its eventual s ..."
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Knowledge Spillovers and The Geography of Innovation
by David B. Audretsch, Maryann P. Feldman - HENDERSON, V., THISSE J. (EDS.), HANDBOOK OF REGIONAL AND URBAN ECONOMICS , 2004
"... ..."
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Productive government expenditures and long-run growth
by Gerhard Glomm, B. Ravikumar - Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control , 1997
"... The purpose of this paper is to review some of the recent developments in endogenous growth models. Specifically, our focus is on the growth effects of productive government spending in dynamic general equilibrium models. We use a simple overlapping genera-tions model as our basic framework and illu ..."
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Financial markets and firm dynamics
by F. Cooley, Vincenzo Quadrini, From Jeff Campbell, David Chapman, Harold Cole, Tom Cosimano, Joao Gomes, Hugo Hopenhayn - American Economic Review , 2001
"... Recent studies have shown that the dynamics of firms (growth, job reallocation and exit) are negatively correlated with the initial size of the firm and its age. In this paper we analyze whether financial factors, in addition to technological differences, are important in generating these dynamics. ..."
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Cross-Country Differences in Productivity: The Role of Allocative Efficiency, manuscript,University of
by Eric J Bartelsman, Stefano Scarpetta, Eric Bartelsman, John Haltiwanger, Stefano Scarpetta , 2008
"... SEE PROFILE All in-text references underlined in blue are linked to publications on ResearchGate, letting you access and read them immediately. ..."
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