Dozens of Portland officers resign en masse
After an officer was indicted for allegedly beating a protester, about 50 officers resigned from a unit tasked with responding to protests
Former police chief: Our profession is in crisis
Analysis: Legal scholar explains the origins of America's policing crisis and how it may change
Two college students pulled from car by police during last summer's protests in Atlanta file lawsuit
Analysis: A 6-3 conservative Supreme Court? It's actually 3-3-3
Mike Pence heckled at conservative conference
Canada extends US Covid travel restrictions
Juneteenth becomes a federal holiday
What's open and closed on Friday now that Juneteenth is a federal holiday
Juneteenth Quiz: How well do you know Emancipation Day?
Opinion: Here's how to propel 2 million Black Americans to the middle class
Actor's tweet summarizes confusion around Juneteenth holiday
INTERACTIVE US history shows political machinations intended to ensure power for White men
It's so hot in the West this week, it is reaching 100 degrees by 8 am
Haberman: Trump is preparing for an indictment
Analysis: Mitch McConnell just blew up Joe Manchin's bipartisan dream
Fallout from the insurrection
New videos show police getting punched during US Capitol riot
CNN INVESTIGATES She was killed storming the Capitol. Here's how this Air Force veteran became a January 6 rioter
Fact-check: Fox News and Republican lawmakers push new false flag conspiracy that FBI orchestrated US Capitol attack
Man charged in Capitol riot claims he's running for office
Opinion: The story of January 6 will be told
Analysis: Absurd whitewashing of Trump reaches dangerous level
CNN INVESTIGATES Cyber Ninjas is at the center of Arizona's 'audit.' Calling its departments leads to a message from one man
'Pathological liar': Brothers call out Republican lawmaker in TV interview
Analysis: What to expect when Harry heads back to London
CNN Underscored
Stasher bags are a meal prep game changer: Here's why
Nordstrom Rack, Dyson, Yankee Candle and more: The best sales to shop today
Jean shorts are in — here's 22 top-rated pairs for any body type
22 beach chairs you'll want to take on all your vacations this summer
Everything you need to make ice cream in a Mason jar
The West dries out
Satellite images show extreme drought drying up California reservoirs
A ranch is running out of water in the West's historic drought. 'In 85 years, it's not been this bad.'
Western reservoir expected to fall so low that a hydro-power plant will shut down for first time
How island's historic drought could threaten the global economy
INTERACTIVE Tracking the developing tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico
Disgusting 'house from hell' listed for $600,000 is getting multiple all-cash offers
Cooper: This GOP lawmaker is lying about insurrection and knows he's lying
Daredevil Alex Harvill dies while practicing for a world record motorcycle jump
The man who allegedly fatally shot a 6-year-old in road rage incident brandished a gun days later, prosecutors say
Life during the pandemic
Why Wall Street is in such a rush to get workers back to the office
Biden to mark US administering 300 million Covid-19 shots in 150 days
LIVE UPDATES Be sure to plan ahead as national parks see surge in visitors, official says
Delta variant will likely become dominant Covid-19 strain in US, CDC chief says
Opinion: It's not only politics that's driving the low vaccination rate in the South
Trump made vaccine claims on Fox News. See what Dr. Gupta has to say
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