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This user account is a bot operated by Mike Peel (talk). It is not a sock puppet, but rather an automated or semi-automated account for making repetitive edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually. Administrators: if this bot is malfunctioning or causing harm, please block it.
The bot runs on a Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB like this one.
The hardware that this bot runs on was provided by Wikimedia UK [1].
This bot account is run by User:Mike Peel. It normally runs on a Raspberry Pi, hence the name!
It mostly edits Commons and Wikidata, but also the English, French and Simple Wikipedias, and Meta. It has made over 6 million edits so far.
It started operation in February 2017, and originally ran on a Raspberry Pi 3B. It was upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB in 2020 thanks to funding from Wikimedia UK.
TaskCodeDescriptionHourly05h UTC06h UTC12h UTC18h UTCWeekly
(7h Mon)
(7h Fri)
(8h 1st)
Emijrpbot 6 (adopted)wir_newpages.pyAdd sitelinks, or create new items, for humans with new Wikipedia entries
Add sitelinks, or create new items, for humans with new Wikipedia entries (backlog)
Commons task 1commons_wikidata_infobox.pyWikidata Infobox deployment
Wikidata task 23wikidata_bot_requests.pyArchive Wikidata bot requests
Pi bot 19wikidata_new_from_wikipedia_query_article.py
Create new items from Wikipedias
Pi bot 18Commons, enwpImport coordinates from Commons and Wikipedias
Meta task 0permissions.pyUpdate m:WMF Advanced Permissions
enwp task 0guardian_obit.pyUpdate en:User:Mike Peel/Guardian obits
nyt_obit.pyUpdate en:User:Mike Peel/NYT obits
Wikidata task 11wikidata_bad_p373.pyRemove bad P373 values
Commons task 1commons_defaultsort_conflicts.pyMaintain commons infoboxes by checking for default sort conflicts
List of Commons QI, FI and VI by user
Wikidata task 16enwp_commonscat_import.pyImport new Commons sitelinks from enwp
Wikidata task 6commonscat_move_from_P910.pyMove commons sitelinks from topic to category items
commonscat_move_from_P1754.pyMove commons sitelinks from list to category items
doublecheck_move.pyDouble-check that the moves worked OK
Wikidata task 0commonscat_check.pyChecking for sitelinks to Commons category redirects. Mismatch between P373 and sitelink.
commonscat_p910_tidy.pyItems with P910 and a sitelink in both the topic and category items, where one redirects to the other
Wikidata task 13wikidata_p301_inverse.py
Add reciprocal values for items that have inverse statements
Wikidata task 2commonscat_copy_from_P373.pyCopy commons sitelinks from P373
Wikidata task 7wikidata_import_labels_from_commons.pyAdd English labels from commons category names
English Wikipedia task 4enwp_commonscat_fix.pyCommons link maintenance
Simple English Wikipedia task 1simplewp_commonscat_fix.pyCommons link maintenance
Commons task 1wikidata_import_infobox_qid.py
Wikidata Infobox tidying
Wikidata task 14enwp_wikidata_import_shortdesc.pyImport short descriptions from enwp to Wikidata (where no English description exists)
Wikidata task 22commons_date_find.pyRegularly add Commons category links for date categories/items
English Wikipedia task 3cochrane.pyCochrane updates
French Wikipedia (in user space)cochrane_fr.pyCochrane updates
Wikidata task 12wikidata_newshipname.py
Create new category items to link via category items(for related work)
Pi bot 17wikidata_en_biography_names.pyCopy labels for humans from other languages to English
Pi bot 20BitbucketCopy human names between languages and dialects
Pi bot 21BitbucketRemove brackets from human name labels
Wikidata task 1commonscat_redirects.pyCommons category redirects
Commons task 2commons_migrate_ids_to_wikidata.pyTrim duplicate external IDs that are provided by Wikidata
Wikidata task 3commons_check_id.pyCommons sitelinks from ID matching
Wikidata task 4commons_import_ids_to_wikidata.pyImport IDs from Commons to Wikidata
Wikidata task 8commons_wikidata_search.pySearch for new Commons sitelinks to add to Wikidata
Pi bot 15correctlabel.pySystematically correct Wikidata labels
Commons task 0run_addtext.pyAdding categories to images
Wikidata task 5populate_family_names.pyAdd human name property values by deduction and/or importing from other Wikimedia projects
Wikidata task 9check_tgwiki.pyRemove broken sitelinks to deleted pages
Pi bot 10wikidata_newitem.pyCreate new Wikidata entries for people with Commons categories
English Wikipedia task 2 (withdrawn)whs_infobox.pyMigration of WHS Wikidata infoboxes
What you see on this page was copied from https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pi_bot​.
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