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English: Italy is a country in southern Europe.
Esperanto: ItalioItalujo estas ŝtato en suda Eŭropo.
Français : L’Italie est un pays d’Europe du sud.
Hrvatski : Italija je država u južnoj Europi.
Italiano : L'Italia è uno Stato dell'Europa meridionale.
Polski: Włochy to kraj w południowej Europie.
Русский : Италия — страна в южной Европе.
Українська: Італія — країна у Південній Європі.
한국어 이탈리아는 남부 ko:유럽에 위치한 나라다.
日本語 イタリア​(イタリア共和国)に関連するカテゴリ。
العربية : إيطاليا هي دولة تقع في أوروبا الجنوبية.
Further authorizations required by the Italian "Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape" (Codice Urbani), under Legislative Decree No. 42, dated January 22, 2004, and its subsequent amendments, regarding the reuse of the picture.

This image reproduces a property belonging to the Italian cultural heritage as entrusted to the Italian government. Such images are regulated by Articles 106 et seq. of the Italian Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape under Legislative Decree No. 42, dated January 22, 2004, and its subsequent amendments. These regulations, unrelated to copyright regulations, establish a system for the protection of Italy’s historic and artistic heritage and its standards of dignity. Among other things, these regulations provide for the payment of a concession fee by those who intend to benefit economically from reproductions of property belonging to the Italian cultural heritage. Reproduction of this image is permitted for personal use or study. A further authorization by the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture is required for reproduction for any other purpose, and particularly for commercial use. Such commercial use includes, but is not limited to, use in (a) any form of advertising, and (b) any company name, logo, trademark, image, activity, or product.
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Part ofEurope
LocationSouthern Europe, Mediterranean Basin, Italy
Located in or next to body of waterAdriatic Sea,
Tyrrhenian Sea,
Ionian Sea,
Ligurian Sea,
Mediterranean Sea
Located in/on physical featureSouthern Europe,
Mediterranean Basin
Rome (1946–)
Basic form of government
parliamentary republic (1946–)
Legislative body
Executive body
Highest judicial authority
Supreme Court of Cassation
Official language
euro (2002–)
Head of state
Sergio Mattarella (2015 Italian presidential election, 2015–)
Head of government
Mario Draghi (2021–)
18 June 1946 (1946–)
Highest point
Mont Blanc (4,808.72 metre)
60,317,000 (2020)
301,338 km²
Number of deaths
633,133 (2018)
Top-level Internet domain
Minimum temperature record
−49.6 degree Celsius (Busa Fradusta, 2013)
official website
Authority control
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Unidentified subjects in Italy‎ (11 C, 461 F)
Activities in Italy‎ (2 C)
Culture of Italy‎ (88 C, 42 F)
Geography of Italy‎ (29 C, 11 F)
History of Italy‎ (91 C, 128 F)
Italian people in art‎ (3 C, 15 F)
Nature of Italy‎ (58 C, 1 P, 227 F)
Objects of Italy‎ (6 C)
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