Creator:Bertram Francis Eardley Keeling
Bertram Francis Eardley Keeling  (1880–1919) 
Alternative namesLieut. Col. Bertram Francis Eardley Keeling; B F E Keeling; B. F. E. Keeling
DescriptionBritish military officer, astronomer, engineer and meteorologist
Date of birth/death3 April 1880 20 September 1919 
Location of birth/deathBradfordCairo
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Creator page template, created by filling parameters of {{Creator}}, is intended for author/artist field of {{Information}}, {{Artwork}}, {{Art Photo}} and {{Book}} templates
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{{Creator:Bertram Francis Eardley Keeling}}
for parameters see: {{Creator}}
Template parameters
1Additional phrase to add to the creator's name (in current language) which clarifies his sometimes indirect role. Possible phrases are: "workshop of", "circle of", "school of", "studio of", "or follower", "or workshop", "and workshop", "attributed to", "after", "formerly attributed to", "follower of", "manner of", "namepiece", "possibly", "probably". Adding one of those keywords will add those phrases to the author's name in current language. Keyword "autocategorize" will add categories when creator template is transcluded in the home-category.emptyoptional
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