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Module providing back-end for {{Information}} template.
Test simple case:
{{#invoke:Information|information |description = description |date = 2021-12-05 |source = {{own}} |author = author |permission = permission |other versions = <gallery>File:Image-x-generic - black.svg</gallery> }}
Date5 December 2021
(Reusing this file)
Other versions
Test case with missing source, author and description:
{{#invoke:Information|information |description = |date = 2021-12-05 |source = |author = }}
This file has no description, and may be lacking other information.
Please provide a meaningful description of this file.
Date5 December 2021
This file is lacking source information.
Please edit this file's description and provide a source.
This file is lacking author information.
--[[ __ __ _ _ ___ __ _ _ | \/ | ___ __| |_ _| | ___ _|_ _|_ __ / _| ___ _ __ _ __ ___ __ _| |_(_) ___ _ __ | |\/| |/ _ \ / _` | | | | |/ _ (_)| || '_ \| |_ / _ \| '__| '_ ` _ \ / _` | __| |/ _ \| '_ \ | | | | (_) | (_| | |_| | | __/_ | || | | | _| (_) | | | | | | | | (_| | |_| | (_) | | | | |_| |_|\___/ \__,_|\__,_|_|\___(_)___|_| |_|_| \___/|_| |_| |_| |_|\__,_|\__|_|\___/|_| |_| This module is intended to be the engine behind "Template:Information".​
Please do not modify this code without applying the changes first at​"Module:Information/sandbox" and testing at "Module:Information/testcases".​
Authors and maintainers:* User:Jarekt - original version ]]-- =======================================​-- === Dependencies ======================​-- =======================================​require​(​'Module:No globals') -- used for debugging purposes as it detects cases of unintended global variableslocal ISOdate = require​(​'Module:ISOdate'​).​_ISOdate -- date localizationlocal core = require​(​'Module:Core'​)​
-- ==================================================​-- === Internal functions ===========================​-- ==================================================​
local function langWrapper(text, textLang) -- code equivalent to local language = textLang ) local dir = language:getDir() local LangName = language​:​ucfirst​(​mw​.​language​.​fetchLanguageName​( textLang, textLang)) local str = mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​'<span class="language %s"><b>%s:</b></span>'​, textLang, LangName) return mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​'<div class="description mw-content-%s" dir="%s" lang="%s">%s %s</div>', dir, dir, textLang, str, text​)​end​
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​local function getBareLabel(id, userLang) -- code equivalent to require("Module:Wikidata label")._getLabel with Wikidata=- option local label, link -- build language fallback list local langList = mw​.​language​.​getFallbacksFor​(​userLang​) table.insert(langList, 1, userLang) for _, lang in ipairs(langList) do -- loop over language fallback list looking for label in the specific language label = mw​.​wikibase​.​getLabelByLang​(​id​, lang) if label then break end -- label found and we are done end return label or id​end​
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​local function message(name, lang) return 'wm-license-information-'​..​name ):​inLanguage​(​lang​):​plain​()​end​
-- ====================================================================​-- === This function is just responsible for producing HTML of the ===-- === template. At this stage all the fields are already filed ===-- ====================================================================​local function Build_html(args) local lang = args.lang -- user's language local dir = lang ):getDir() -- get text direction local desTag = mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​'<span class="summary fn" style="display:none">%s</span>'​, args.pagename) local prmTag = mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​"<br /><small>([[%s|%s]])</small>"​, message​(​'permission-reusing-link'​, lang), message​(​'permission-reusing-text'​, lang))
-- field specific preferences local params = { {field='description' , id='fileinfotpl_desc', tag2=desTag, td​=​'class="description"'​}, {​field​=​'other_fields_1'​}, {field='date' , id='fileinfotpl_date', td​=​mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​'lang="%s"'​, lang)}, {field='source' , id='fileinfotpl_src'}, {field='author' , id='fileinfotpl_aut'}, {field='permission' , id='fileinfotpl_perm', tag2=prmTag }, {field='other_versions' , id='fileinfotpl_ver', tag='other-versions'}, {field='other_fields'}, } local results = {} for _, param in ipairs(params) do local field, tag, cell1, cell2, id field = args[param.field] if then -- skip "other fields" parameter if type(field) == 'string' then -- add "id" to first <td> cell only if the field is present id = mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​'id="%s" ', elseif type(field) == 'table' then -- the field was initially not present, it contains only our -- warning text; flatten it so that mw.ustring.format() gets a string field = field.missing end if field or (args.demo and param.tag) then -- skip the row if still no field tag = message(param.tag or param.field, lang) .. (param.tag2 or '') cell1 = mw.ustring.format('<td %sclass="fileinfo-paramfield" lang="%s">%s</td>​\n​'​, id or '', lang, tag) cell2 = mw.ustring.format('<td %s>\n%s</td>', or '', field or '') field = mw.ustring.format('<tr style="vertical-align: top">​\n​%s%s​\n​</tr>​\n\n​'​, cell1, cell2) end end table.insert(results, field) end
-- add table and outer layers local style = mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​'class="fileinfotpl-type-information toccolours vevent '.. 'mw-content-%s" style="width: 100%%; direction: %s;" cellpadding="4"', dir, dir) results = mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​'<table %s>​\n\n​%s​\n​</table>​\n​'​, style, table.concat(results)) results = mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​'<div class="hproduct commons-file-information-table">​\n​%s​\n​</div>'​, results) return resultsend
-- ==================================================​-- === External functions ===========================​-- ==================================================​local p = {}
-- ===========================================================================​-- === Version of the function to be called from other LUA codes-- ===========================================================================​
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- _information function creates a wikicode for {{Information}} template based on-- passed arguments (through "args") and data extracted from SDC. Allowed fields of -- "args" are : 'description', 'date', 'permission', 'author', 'other_versions', -- 'source','other_fields', 'other_fields_1', 'demo' and 'lang'​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- Dependencies: p._SDC_Description, p._SDC_Source, p._SDC_Author, p._SDC_Date, -- Build_html, Module:ISOdate (_date)​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​function p._information(args)
local cats = '' -- ============================================================================================ -- === add [[Category:Pages using Information template with incorrect parameter]] if needed === -- ============================================================================================ local page = mw​.​title​.​getCurrentTitle​() local lang = args.lang local namespace = page.namespace -- get page namespace if namespace==6 or namespace==10 then local allowedFields = {'description', 'date', 'permission', 'author', 'other_versions', 'source','other_fields', 'other_fields_1', 'demo', 'lang', 'strict'} local set, badField = {}, {} for _, field in ipairs(allowedFields) do set[field] = true end for field, _ in pairs( args ) do if not set[field] then table.insert(badField, field) end end if #badField>0 then cats = mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​'​\n​;<span style="color:red">Error in [[Template:Information|{{Information}}'​.. ' template]]: unknown parameter "%s".</span>', table.concat​(​badField​,​'", "')) cats = cats .. '\n[[Category:Pages using Information template with incorrect parameter]]' end end if then -- apply ISODate to function to date string to convert date in ISO format to translated date string = ISOdate(, lang, '', 'dtstart', '100-999') end args.pagename = page.text
-- ==================================================== -- === harvest structured data === -- ==================================================== local entity = mw​.​wikibase​.​getEntity​() if namespace==6 and entity then -- file namespace -- call SDC functions only when needed local icon = true -- local field is missing -> get it from SDC args.description = args.description or p​.​_SDC_Description​(​entity​, lang, icon) args.source = args.source or p​.​_SDC_Source​(​entity​, lang, icon) = or p​.​_SDC_Author​(​entity​, lang, icon) = or p._SDC_Date(entity, lang, icon) end -- ==================================================== -- === add tracking templates and categories === -- ==================================================== -- add the template tag (all official infoboxes transclude {{Infobox template tag}} so files without that tag do not have an infobox mw​.​getCurrentFrame​():​expandTemplate​{ title = 'Infobox template tag' }
-- files are required to have at least the 3 fields below if args.strict~=false then local reqFields = {description='Media lacking a description', author='Media lacking author information', source='Images without source'} for field, errCat in pairs(reqFields) do if args[field] and mw​.​ustring​.​match​(​args​[​field​],​"^[%s%p]+$"​) then args[field]=nil; end -- ignore punctuation only fields if not args[field] then -- code equivalent to Template:Source missing, Template:Author missing, Template:Description missing local tag1 = 'class="boilerplate metadata" id="cleanup" style="text-align: center; background: #ffe; '.. 'margin: .75em 15%; padding: .5em; border: 1px solid #e3e3b0;' local tag2 = message​(​field​..​'-missing'​, lang) local tag3 = message​(​field​..​'-missing-request'​, lang) local dir = lang ):getDir() -- get text direction args[field] = {missing = mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​'<div %s direction: %s;" lang="%s">%s​\n​%s​\n​</div>'​, tag1, dir, lang, tag2, tag3)} cats = cats .. '\n[[Category:'.. errCat ..']]' end end end if namespace~=6 then cats = '' -- categories are added only to files end
return Build_html(args) .. cats​end​
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- interface for other Lua codes to 5 functions for extracting description, source,-- author, date and location information from SDC. -- INPUTS:-- - "entity" - structure created by mw.wikibase.getEntity function-- - "lang" - users language​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- Dependencies: langWrapper​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​function p​.​_SDC_Description​(​entity​, lang, icon) -- create {{en|1=...}} template with SDC's caption local description, _ if entity and entity.labels then -- get label in users language or one of that language fallback list local label = core​.​langSwitch​(​entity​.​labels​, lang) local labels, D = {}, {} if label then -- show either matching language labels[lang] = label else -- or if missing then show all labels = entity.labels end for _, label in pairs(labels) do -- add {{en|1=....}} like wrapper if icon and #D==0 then -- add editAtSDC icon to the first description label.value = label.value .. core​.​editAtSDC​(​'ooui-php-4'​, lang) end table.insert(D, langWrapper​(​label​.​value​, label.language, lang)) end description = table.concat(D, '\n') end return description​end​
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- Dependencies: Module:Wikidata_date "_date" function, Module:ISOdate "_ISOdate" function​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​function p._SDC_Date(entity, lang, icon) -- get creation date from P571 (inception) -- Code can handle YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY-MM, and YYYY dates without any additional resources -- But can load [[Module:Wikidata date]] if needed local Date if entity and and then local snak = entity​.​claims​.​P571​[​1​].​mainsnak if (snak.snaktype == "value") then local v = snak.datavalue.value if v and (​v​.​calendarmodel​==​''​) and (​mw​.​ustring​.​sub​(​v​.​time​,​1​,​1​)​==​'+'​) then if v.precision >= 11 then -- day Date = mw​.​ustring​.​sub​(​v​.​time​,​2​,​11​) -- date in YYYY-MM-DD format elseif v.precision == 10 then -- month Date = mw​.​ustring​.​sub​(​v​.​time​,​2​,​8​) -- date in YYYY-MM format elseif v.precision == 9 then -- year Date = mw​.​ustring​.​sub​(​v​.​time​,​2​,​5​) -- date in YYYY format end if Date then -- translate Date = ISOdate(Date, lang, '', 'dtstart', '100-999') end end end if entity​.​claims​.​P571​[​1​].​qualifiers then -- non-trivial case: call heavy cavalery local getDate = require​(​"Module:Wikidata date")._date -- lazy loading: load only if needed local result = getDate(entity, 'P571', lang) -- display the date in user's language Date = result.str end end if icon and Date then Date = Date .. core​.​editAtSDC​(​'P571'​, lang) end return Date​end​
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- Dependencies: none​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​function p​.​_SDC_Source​(​entity​, lang, icon) -- get source from P7482 (source of file) -- Code can handle {{Own}} template and URLs local source, label if entity and and then local statement =[1] -- get URL is source is " file available on the internet (Q74228490) " if statement​.​mainsnak​.​datavalue​.​value​.​id​==​'Q74228490' and statement.qualifiers and statement​.​qualifiers​.​P973 then source = statement​.​qualifiers​.​P973​[​1​].​datavalue​.​value -- described at URL if statement​.​qualifiers​.​P137 then -- "operator" local id = statement​.​qualifiers​.​P137​[​1​].​datavalue​.​value​.​id label = getBareLabel(id, lang) source = '[' .. source ..' ' .. label ..']' end end -- add {{tl|own}} if source is "original creation by uploader (Q66458942)" if statement​.​mainsnak​.​datavalue​.​value​.​id​==​'Q66458942' then label = 'Wm-license-own-work'​):​inLanguage​(​lang​):​plain​() source = mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​'<span class="int-own-work" lang="%s">%s</span>'​,​lang​, label) end -- add {{tl|Own work by the original uploader}} if source is " Own work by the original uploader (Q87402110)" if statement​.​mainsnak​.​datavalue​.​value​.​id​==​'Q87402110' then label = getBareLabel​(​'Q87402110'​, lang) source = mw​.​ustring​.​format​(​'<span class="int-own-work" lang="%s">%s</span>'​,​lang​, label) end end if icon and source then source = source .. core​.​editAtSDC​(​'P7482'​, lang) end return source​end​
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- Dependencies: Module:Core "getLabel" function​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​function p​.​_SDC_Author​(​entity​, lang, icon) -- get author from P170 (creator) -- Code can handle usuall cases of "[[User:Example|Example]]" as well as users with Wikidata Item IDs local author if entity and and then local creators = {} for _,statement in ipairs​(​entity​.​claims​.​P170​) do if statement​.​mainsnak​.​snaktype == "value" then -- Creator has item ID local val = statement​.​mainsnak​.​datavalue​.​value​.​id table.insert(creators, core.getLabel(val, lang)) elseif statement​.​mainsnak​.​snaktype == "somevalue" then -- Creator defined by username if statement.qualifiers then -- author name string (P2093) local qual = {} local properties = {P2093='authorStr', P4174='username', P3831='role', P2699='url'} for prop, field in pairs( properties ) do if statement​.​qualifiers​[​prop​] then qual[field] = statement​.​qualifiers​[​prop​][​1​].​datavalue​.​value end end local role = '' if qual.role and[2] then -- add role only is multiple creators role = '&nbsp;(' .. core​.​getLabel​(​qual​.​role​.​id​, lang) .. ')' end if qual.username and qual.authorStr then -- author name string (P2093) & Wikimedia username (P4174) table.insert(creators, '[[User:'​..​qual​.​username​..​'|'​..​qual​.​authorStr​..​']]'​..​role​) elseif qual.username and not qual.authorStr then -- no author name string (P2093) & Wikimedia username (P4174) table.insert(creators, '[[User:'​..​qual​.​username​..​'|'​..​qual​.​username​..​']]'​..​role​) elseif qual.url and qual.authorStr then -- author name string (P2093) & URL (P2699) table.insert(creators, '['..qual.url..' '​..​qual​.​authorStr​..​']'​..​role​) elseif qual.url and not qual.authorStr then -- no author name string (P2093) & URL (P2699) table.insert(creators, qual.url..role) elseif qual.authorStr then -- author name string (P2093) table.insert(creators, qual.authorStr..role) end end end end -- end for author = table.concat(creators, ', ') end if icon and author then author = author .. core​.​editAtSDC​(​'P170'​, lang) end return author​end​
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- Dependencies: Module:Code "getLabel" function​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​function p​.​_SDC_Location​(​entity​, lang, icon) -- get location P276 (location) local location, prop if entity and and then local snak = entity​.​claims​.​P1071​[​1​].​mainsnak if (snak.snaktype == "value") then location = core​.​getLabel​(​snak​.​datavalue​.​value​.​id​, lang) prop = 'P1071' end end if entity and and then local snak = entity​.​claims​.​P276​[​1​].​mainsnak if (snak.snaktype == "value") then location = core​.​getLabel​(​snak​.​datavalue​.​value​.​id​, lang) prop = 'P276' end end if icon and location then location = location .. core.editAtSDC(prop, lang) end return locationend
-- ===========================================================================​-- === Version of the functions to be called from template namespace-- ===========================================================================​
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- information function creates a wikicode for {{Information}} template based on-- passed arguments (through "frame") and data extracted from SDC. Allowed template-- arguments are : 'description', 'date', 'permission', 'author', 'other_versions', -- 'source','other_fields', 'other_fields_1', 'demo' and 'lang'. All inputs do not -- depend on capitalization and all "_" can be replaced with spaces.​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- Dependencies: p._information​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​function p.information(frame) local args = core.getArgs(frame) args.strict = true return p._information(args) end​
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- interface for templates to 5 functions for extracting description, source,-- author, date and location information from SDC. -- INPUTS (templaate parameters):-- * "mid" - pageID defining a file. Optional, defaulting to the current file.-- * "lang" - users language. Optional defaulting to the language of the user-- * "icon" - add "Edit this at Wikidata" icon? boolean ( 'true'/'false', 'yes'/'no', 1/0​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- Dependencies: getEntity​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​local function parseFrame(frame) local args = core.getArgs(frame) local entity = mw​.​wikibase​.​getEntity​( args.mid ) local icon = core.yesno(args.icon, true) return {entity, args.lang, icon}end
function p​.​SDC_Description​(​frame​) return p​.​_SDC_Description​(​unpack​(​parseFrame​(​frame​)))​end​
function p​.​SDC_Source​(​frame​) return p​.​_SDC_Source​(​unpack​(​parseFrame​(​frame​)))​end​
function p.SDC_Author(frame) return p​.​_SDC_Author​(​unpack​(​parseFrame​(​frame​)))​end​
function p.SDC_Date(frame) return p​.​_SDC_Date​(​unpack​(​parseFrame​(​frame​)))​end​
function p​.​SDC_Location​(​frame​) return p​.​_SDC_Location​(​unpack​(​parseFrame​(​frame​)))​end​
return p​
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- List of exported functions​-------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- information-- SDC_Description-- SDC_Source-- SDC_Author-- SDC_Date-- SDC_Location
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