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Usually:<ref name="Repressions">'''Attention!''' If the author of this work was subjected to repression and rehabilitated posthumously, countdown of copyright protection began not from the death date, but from the rehabilitation date. If the work was first published posthumously, the copyright term is counted from the date of that first publication, unless the author was later rehabilitated, in which case it runs again from that later rehabilitation date.</ref>
# The author of this work died before June 22, 1941, or this work was originally published anonymously before this date and the name of the author did not become known before January 1, 1992.
# The author of this work died between June 22, 1941 and December 31, 1942 and '''did not work''' and also '''did not serve in the Army''' during the [[w:Great Patriotic War|Great Patriotic War]].<ref name="GreatPatrioticWar">If the author published ''any'' work after June 21, 1941, assume that he ''did'' work during the Great Patriotic War or ''did'' serve in the Army.</ref>
# This work is shot from non-amateur cinema or television film or television broadcast, which was first shown more than 70 years ago (before January 1, {{ #expr: {{CURRENTYEAR}} - 70 }}).
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